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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Close up photo of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Colour Pot in Harmony, Lipcolour in You and Arnica Concealer in Latte in base packaging.  The colour pot packaging has a lovely glossy, mirrored lid.
You might remember me talking about Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics products before – I did a review post of a highlighter, colour pot and lip and cheek tint by them back in September 2016 – and I was pretty impressed with their products at the time.  I even featured them in a simple, glowing winter makeup look at the end of 2016.  I loved that they were gentle and natural, and achieved softer looks, and that’s something that I’ve really been gravitating towards recently. I still love heavier, more glamorous makeup, but since I started going bare-faced at least five days a week, when I finally do wear makeup I’ve been preferring how my face looks with it being more minimal and understated.

I was very excited when I saw that Ere Perez had redone some of their products and packaging and released some new items and, of course, I had to try them! Since I’ve been lusting after natural looks recently, I thought I would try some products in shades that would be more subtle and ‘my face but better’, so I decided to order the Moisturising Macadamia Lip Colour in the shade You and the Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony, both of which are repackaged and possibly even reformulated versions of old products. One of their new goodies however, is the Arnica Concealer. If you’ve been following my beauty escapades for a while now, you’ll know that a good concealer that’s both vegan and cruelty free has been the ultimate challenge for me to find, so it was a no brainer that I gave this a go. The shade I chose was the lightest available, Latte.

Close up photo of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Colour Pot in Harmony, Lipcolour in You and Arnica Concealer in Latte with lids off.  The lipcolour is a cool pink lipstick, the concealer a pale cream concealer and the colour pot a peachy pink coloured cream formula.

Let’s start with the lipstick! The Moisturising Macadmia Oil Lipcolour in the shade You* is a creamy lip product made with macadamia oil, and is supposed to give great coverage as well as sooth and moisten the lips like a balm might. I believe (but am not 100% certain) this is an old product, rather than one of their re-packaged new creations. This shade turned out to be an almost perfect match for my lips, and is advertised as a pinky-brown, natural shade best suited to people with fairer complexions and cool tones to their skin.

On the lips, this makes my face look a little bit more polished and put together with minimal effort, and is easily the best natural lip colour I own now. You can’t really tell that I’m wearing anything on my lips when I have this on – they just look fuller, more even and filled in than usual, and on top of that I barely even feel it. Coming from someone who is used to wearing heavy matte liquid lipsticks all the time, it’s virtually weightless and my lips feel soft and almost like I’m wearing a lip balm when I’m wearing it. The staying power is about what I would expect from a creamy product in that it does wear away if you eat or drink, but it doesn’t smudge or smear and it’s extremely easy to reapply. Since I received this, it’s been my go to lip product for days when I want to wear something on my lips, but don’t want anything drying or to have to deal with the commitment of even my nude liquid lipsticks.

My one complaint with this product would be that in certain lights you can sometimes see just a hint of glittery bits in this lipstick (which as someone who hates glittery lipsticks, immediately concerned me and made me think I wasn’t going to like it), but it doesn’t seem to show when you actually apply it to your lips. That aside, I definitely intend to repurchase this and to try more of the lipcolours that Ere Perez has to offer.

Next, the Carrot Colour Pot in the shade Harmony*. I have one of their colour pots in the old packaging, and I think that the new version was an excellent choice. Rather than the old flip-top container, this is a screw top with a glass base and beautiful mirrored lid and, although the old packaging was elegant-looking and great quality, this gives it a much more high-end feel. I’m not sure if they’ve altered the formula for these at all with the repackaging, but I think I also much prefer the texture and consistency of Harmony to Holy, which I have in the older packaging.

Ere Perez colour pots are designed to be worn on cheeks or lips, and Harmony is described as a dusty pink shade that I thought would complement my complexion well, and it certainly does! When applied, this gives a beautiful soft pink flush to my cheeks, however on my skin it seems to take on a warmer, slightly more peachy tint than dusty pink (you can see from the swatch below that it looks much warmer on my skin than it seems to in the pot). It still looks perfectly natural and matches my complexion well, but you may want to be aware that it might take on a different tone depending on your own complexion and undertones. On the lips, it matches my natural lip colour extremely well and just helps to add a little colour back into them on those days I can’t even be bothered with an easy lipstick, but still want a hint of colour.

This is a really easy product to use and I love that as a cream/balm-based blush, your skin still looks luminous and hydrated after applying it. It has a slightly stickier consistency compared to some other cream blushes I’ve used, but you can pat it on and blend it out with your fingertips, or occasionally I’ll apply it with my fingertips and then blend it out with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. A little does go a long way, so be careful not to gather up a large amount of product on your fingers!

Again, I’ll definitely be repurchasing this little pot – it’s almost as though this and the You lipstick were made to perfectly match my skin, and this product in particular feels like a luxury item with the new packaging.

Lastly, we have the new Arnica Concealer in the shade Latte*. Now, this was the product that I was most anticipating, and hoped that it would finally fill the void that being both vegan and cruelty free with sensitive skin had left me. Ere Perez’s concealers are made with arnica, which they say is a calming remedy that’s both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory – so while other concealers might make spots and blemishes worse, the idea is that this one helps to heal them as well as cover them up. The shade range is unfortunately quite limited; Latte is the lightest shade and seems to match me perfectly, but I know I’m not as pale as many other folks, and there are essentially no options for darker skinned people of colour.

The packaging for the concealer is essentially the same as for the colour pot, but with a white lid instead of a shiny, mirrored one, and feels similarly high end and good quality. The consistency of the product is a light cream; it’s somewhat similar to the Illamasqua skin base concealers but much, much lighter to the touch. At first, it feels almost dry like a kind of crème-to-powder formula, but once your skin warms it, the Arnica Concealer becomes more of a true cream texture.

Now, if you’re looking for a heavy duty concealer, I would say this isn’t for you. Like most of Ere Perez’s products, this is natural both in appearance and in ingredients, but it does give very good, natural-looking coverage that I suppose I’d describe as medium-ish. It adequately conceals everything from spots to dark circles, but obviously doesn’t compare to say, Kat Von D’s concealers.

Having said that though, this is the perfect concealer for me. Once applied, I can pretty much forget that I’m wearing it because (unlike everything I’ve worn in the past) I can’t actually feel it on my skin. Paired with a colour corrector, the Ere Perez Arnica Concealer covers all of my uneven patches, redness and dark circles in a way that achieves my ideal ‘perfect’ skin – you can’t tell I’m wearing makeup, it just looks as though I have really, really good skin, without looking like a blank canvas or caked in product! When using setting powder, it doesn’t even crease under my eyes, which was a problem I’ve been having with all of my concealers since the onset of my late twenties fine lines.  It wears just as well as the Illamasqua or Collection concealers, and doesn’t awkwardly sink into pores or separate as my face gets oilier throughout the day.

Swatch photo of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Colour Pot in Harmony, Lipcolour in You and Arnica Concealer in Latte on fair skin.
Left to right: Moisturising Macadamia Lip Colour in You, Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony, Arnica Concealer in Latte

I would consider these higher end items that aren’t suited to everyone’s budget, though – the concealer is £23, the colour pot is £21 and the lipcolour is £15.50 on LoveLula so they aren’t cheap. I would say that these are worth investing in if you’re likely to get a lot of use out of high quality, natural products, especially when it comes to multipurpose items like the colour pot. I think Ere Perez did a great job with their repackaging at least, because the new pots fit the standard that the price range sets much better than the old packaging did, making each item feel like more of a treat.

I’m really happy to say that I think these products are even better than the ones I reviewed previously, and if you’re someone who is into natural beauty and gentle products with natural ingredients, then these are definitely worth adding to your collection. Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics continues to impress!

* This review is not sponsored and has not been paid for, however the products were sent to me free of charge. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. As someone who wears light makeup, this looks like the perfect brand for me! I will be checking out the lipsticks in particular as it's quite hard to find good cruelty free options from time to time, yet these seem ideal. Thank you for sharing!

    maria |

  2. Thanks for doing this review - I've been toying with the idea of trying some more of the Ere Perez range, but I feel like they have a few hit and miss items. Their Oatmilk foundation is my all-time favourite, but their lip tint was a complete no-no for me!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

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