Vegan What I Eat in a Day #3

Saturday, 14 January 2017

I haven’t done a ‘what I eat in a day’ post for quite a while, so I thought to stick to the Veganuary theme of the month I’d share all of the vegan meals I eat in a day! This particular day was the 2nd January (yes, I sit on this shit for quite a while before posting…) so was a nice, quiet bank holiday spent at the gym and then milling around at home doing blog work.

Forgive the iffy photo quality this time around; I’m not sure if the issue is with my camera, my skill or my eyes but I’ve been struggling to get any fully focused snaps recently.  No joke, I end up taking about 40 of the same photo trying to make sure I have at least one usable one and will end up with all but one or two totally blurry, and even the okay ones are just okay, barely passable and not nearly as crisp as I’d like - it’s starting to drive me a little bit up the wall.  Plus, I’m plagued by winter lighting like every other blogger around this time of year too.

Rant/disclaimer over, on to the food...

If I go to the gym in the morning, I usually don’t eat anything until after I get back as eating too early (and eating and then having to exercise straight away) tend to make me feel ill. So, after a good workout I was in need of something filling and tasty and opted for protein pancakes. I followed my usual pancake recipe but added a couple of scoops of my Pulsin soya protein powder and a little extra almond milk to the mixture, which made ultra-filling but still fluffy pancakes.

The sludge on top is actually an incredible puree of fried bananas and peanut butter and tasted amazing, so don’t be fooled by how odd it looks! I just fried chopped up bananas with some vegan butter until they went completely soft, then mixed with an oil-based peanut butter (rather than the pure, 100% peanut stuff) and some almond milk until it reached as loose a consistency as I could be bothered to get, then plonked it on top of my pancake stack with a splash of maple syrup and sprinkle of cinnamon.

Honestly, I was quite shocked by how much those pancakes filled me up (plus I ate most of Chris’s too since he had snacked beforehand and was too full to eat them) so I only wanted something relatively light for lunch. I had prepped a Mexican-inspired bean and quinoa salad for my work lunches, and had a little bit of that with some chopped baby spinach. The quinoa and kidney beans are pretty high in protein, so are another great post-gym meal option.

We had quite a late dinner and having just had a grocery delivery, decided to take advantage of the nice fresh mushrooms we’d ordered and make some mushroom burgers. These aren’t to everyone’s tastes since many people are horrified by the idea of just having a mushroom between two slices of bread, but I love the taste of them! Big mushrooms also have a surprisingly meaty texture when cooked for long enough, can be as little as 25p per shroom and go well with a variety of different flavours. But, you know, if that’s not your jam you can always make or buy your own vegan burger patties too.

I bake big flat or Portobello mushrooms until they release as much moisture as possible, flipping part way through, and I love having these with an onion and harissa ‘chutney’. It’s super easy to make; all you have to do is finely slice an onion, and fry it slowly on a low to moderate heat with a teaspoon of harissa paste until it’s completely soft and caramelised. Then assemble with whatever else you want in your burger (we just had tomato and spinach, but you could have some melty vegan cheese too) and some sides. To go with ours, we just did homemade garlic and rosemary fries.

Although it’s January, we still have plenty of Christmas treats to get through so dessert for today was one of our leftover mince pies. These are store-bought ones from Waitrose – their Waitrose Essentials mince pies are accidentally vegan! I like to heat mine up until warm, and then pour a generous amount of Alpro soya or Oatly cream over them and enjoy.

What meals have you been loving this Veganuary?


  1. I love your 'What I eat in a day' series, your always inspire me to make new vegan things that I wouldn't of thought of.

    Tasha x

  2. Those burgers sound amazing! I had a mushroom burger sometime last year and they served it with mango chutney, among other things - so good! My local Tesco has started stocking Oatly's creme fraiche so I've been experimenting with using that, it makes a decent sour cream substitute in veggie fajitas :) xx


  3. This is amazing, everything looks so tasty, thanks for sharing. I definitely need more plant-based meal ideas in my life so hope you keep sharing! Have a great weekend xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. I honestly love these what i eat in a day posts because there's so much stigma around being vegan and not being able to eat anything - but these look absolutely delicious. definitely going to try that banana and peanut butter mix!
    jen | velvet spring

  5. Oh my gosh all of these look so good D:


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