Review / Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond & Lavender Organic Face Scrub

Monday, 19 December 2016

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond and Lavender Organic Face Scrub
On top of everything else that’s marked 2016 as an eventful year, it’s also the year I got super into facial treatments. I’ve used the odd mask here and there for the past few years now, but since I’ve started to notice the first signs of ageing I’ve been really keen to start nourishing my skin and protecting it from the elements and the slow and steady onslaught of time.

One of my favourite treatments that I’ve tried recently has been the Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond and Lavender Face Scrub*. At £21.60 it seems like a lot at first, but I only use a small, fingernail-sized amount each time and despite using it twice a week for several weeks, I still have plenty of it left. The exfoliating scrub itself is somewhere between a creamy, luxurious mask and an actual exfoliator; the ‘scrub’ part of the product is actually almond meal and jojoba beads (which, unlike microbeads, are biodegradable and sustainable!), and the almond makes it smell incredible! It’s like rubbing your face with marzipan or a bakewell tart. The result of this pairing is a unique texture that gently rubs and massages rather than outright scrubs, making it perfect for people with particularly delicate skin who struggle with harsher exfoliating scrubs.

This face scrub also contains shea butter and coconut oil, making it a highly moisturising product as well as an exfoliating one. So, in addition to gently scrubbing the skin, it feels as though you’re applying a soft, creamy balm too, and the combination of both of these elements leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft afterwards. According to the instructions, you’re only supposed to gently rub then rinse off, but I’ve noticed that if I leave it sitting on my face for a little while it makes my skin feel even softer and plumper.

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond and Lavender Organic Face Scrub

As far as the effect it’s had on my skin goes, it’s complimented my current skincare regime very well. I use this a couple of times per week paired with some of the other moisturising products I own as part of my winter skincare regime, and it’s been a real help with some of my dry skin issues since it does the job of both removing dry, flaky skin and adding additional moisture without the rough, moisture-stripping aspects some of my other scrubs have.

I’m new to the brand Kimberly Sayer, but in a nutshell, they produce a range of higher end (but not excessively costly) gentle, natural products that are cruelty free and mostly vegan. Given that I’m wanting to start giving my face some tender love and care, I’ve also been more interested in trying products that are a little bit more expensive than usual –much as it pains me to switch from some of my cheaper alternatives, I’m trying to consider it an investment! Having said that though, Kimberly Sayer’s products are on the lower end of ‘high end’ prices, and this one has left me pretty impressed and willing to spend the extra cash anyway because it feels worth much more when you’re using it. If you aren’t one for £20 skincare treatments though, this would also make a great gift for someone special you think could use a bit of a pamper – the scent alone is enough to tempt me into repurchasing!

You can buy this facial scrub from – I’ll be keeping an eye out around Boxing Day as they usually have a little discount floating around for occasions like that.

* This review is not sponsored and has not been paid for, however the product was sent to me free of charge. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love the smell of almonds, I bet this is almost good enough to eat! I find scrubs with particles quite harsh normally but this sounds lovely and gentle - glad it's made a difference to your skin! xx



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