2 Favourite Dry Skin Saviours

Sunday, 2 October 2016

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have days when my skin is dry. as. hell. Usually there’s some kind of a reason for it – drinking the night before, illness, exposure to a lot of air conditioning, for example – but other times, my skin just feels in need of hydration and I can tell it’s starting to get dry patches even when I’m moisturising regularly. My skin type started to change late last year and it’s no longer combination sensitive but dry sensitive, and thankfully my bestie Kate led me down the path of shea butter which made a huge difference! Sadly, shea butter doesn’t always cut it though, and on those really dry days I sometimes need to look elsewhere.

Enter, these two beauties.

My first dry skin saviour is a new addition to my collection that I received in my first LoveLula box in September: FOM London Hydra Plump Serum*. This little bottle is only a sample size, and the full 30ml bottle costs a whopping £46! Honestly, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it if it hadn’t come in my beauty box (it’s also not vegan, as it contains silk protein), but little did I know that this is basically a skin miracle worker. FOM London are a skincare brand that is centred around enhancing your skin’s natural renewal cycle, so that your skin stays healthier and retains elasticity, and you look more radiant and youthful naturally. All of their products are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones and more and all of their products are manufactured here in the UK. They’re also cruelty free – their website says that their products are never tested on animals, but not being satisfied with that single statement I got in touch and they confirmed this and that their ingredients are sourced from cruelty free suppliers, too, which was great to hear.

Their Hydra Plump Serum is designed to bind moisture and prevent its loss throughout the day, plus it contains hyaluronic acid and a fig complex with vitamins A and C to further enrich the skin. It boasts collagen support, complexion clearing and all kinds of other goodies, but that moisturising aspect is really where it shines. It's a very loose, liquidy serum and the instructions say to apply it in morning and evening by massaging around the face and then pressing the skin for several seconds in places between the chin and the forehead (which seems to set it and make it go very slightly tacky), but this is honestly so moisturising I don’t dare to use it twice a day every day. After the first day of testing it out, my skin wasn’t dry at all and I actually found that my nose was a little bit oily again (but not excessively) as if my skin type had switched back to how it used to be, instead of being bone dry. This is an expensive serum so I probably wouldn’t recommend taking the plunge without trying it out first, but unfortunately the trial size I received in the beauty box doesn’t seem to be available to buy anywhere, grr! Even so, the affect it’s been having on my skin is pretty much skincare witchcraft and I’m so happy it was included in my LoveLula box.

If the price tag of the above is out of your range though, then my next favourite product for quickly repairing dry or drying skin might be more up your alley. The Balm Balm Rose Geranium Organic Face Balm* is also 30ml for a full sized bottle, but is much more budget-friendly at only £8.95. Balm Balm is another natural brand that’s also 100% organic and made to Soil Association standards, and the products are designed to create affordable, multi-purpose skincare items that are nourishing and versatile. They’re also certified cruelty free and bare the Leaping Bunny logo!

The Face Balm, although advertised as a face balm, can also be used to moisturise your skin, tame your eyebrows, condition your eyelashes, soften your cuticles and condition your nails and more (and it can even be used on babies’ bottoms to protect their delicate skin). The little tube is convenient and perfect for travelling, and it contains shea butter, various oils and rose geranium essential oils which – so they say – is apparently good for balancing hormones. Unfortunately, it contains beeswax so isn’t vegan, which is a shame since there are other great natural vegan alternatives to beeswax! Still, this is a stellar product for anyone who buys cosmetics that contain bee products and is looking for a balm that will dramatically moisturise their face.

A little goes a long way as this product is very rich and softens to spread more easily, and it really is very hydrating. I first used this after a particularly heavy night of drinking and could feel my skin tightening up throughout the following day, so that evening I applied some of this a bit heavier than is usual to use as a night time moisturiser, and when I woke up there wasn’t a trace of dry skin in sight and my skin felt incredibly plump and happy. I also took a little pot of this with me on my recent trip to Madrid, and it helped to rehydrate and protect my skin after it was bombarded by dry, recycled airplane air, a new climate, tiredness and an irregular schedule!  It’s a nourishing, natural balm that doesn’t share quite as many of the skin-smoothing and collagen restoring properties as the FOM London serum, meaning that the latter might appeal more to folks looking to combat ageing and other specific skin issues, but it’s nevertheless a wonderful, simple little product in it’s own right.

One is certainly more expensive than the other, but each brings its own strengths to the table and it just depends on what type of product you’re looking for in a product. If anything, it just goes to show you that a skin saviour can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and costs (but both of these are can be found on LoveLula.com if you’re after one). Needless to say, my dry skin is officially tamed and I will continue to love both of these and be reaching for them whenever I know my face needs some much-needed moisture and TLC!

What are your favourite products for your dry skin days?

* This review is not sponsored and has not been paid for, however the products were sent to me free of charge. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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