Snaps from Attenborough Nature Reserve

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The other half’s family live in Nottingham and a couple of weekends ago we stayed over either side of his cousin’s wedding (which was in Doncaster) and had a nice time just relaxing and enjoying a normal household with a lovely garden far, far away from commuter towns and train lines and general busy-ness. One of the days we were there after the wedding, we decided to take a stroll around the Attenborough Nature Centre & Reserve, which is only a short distance from where his parents live. There are lots of nature trails and a variety of habitats on the reserve where you can spot all kinds of wildlife, and I was thrilled to get a few great shots of some of the geese, swans and - my favourite - insects while I was there!

One of the things that oddly excites and comforts us when we head back up to the other half’s family is, although it’s a huge eyesore and won’t be contributing anything decent to the environment, the big power plant there. Once we see it in the distance while we’re driving in, we know we’re not far away, and you can see it from the nature reserve too.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! If you’re ever in the Attenborough/Beeston area of Nottingham I definitely recommend going for a walk here; it’s a really lovely, peaceful place with plenty of birds and insects to see.

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  1. Attenborough nature reserve looks like an lovely place, you took some amazing photos!!


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