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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil

A couple of years or so ago, I was hugely sceptical of using oils on your face. I knew the ‘science’ behind it – that they would generally hydrate your face enough to prevent it from producing excess oil, not break you out – but I guess I never fully believed it. When I finally did try out an oil product on my face though, I was hooked.

I’ve jumped at the chance to try a new face oil ever since, so when Ooh! or Oils of Heaven contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil*, I was super excited to give it a go.

The name ‘cacay oil’ rang a bell for me, but I didn’t really know quite what it was or what it was made out of until I researched it. As it turns out, the cacay oil used in Ooh!'s face oil is harvested from wild cacay nuts in the Colombian jungle, and apparently contains more than 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of linoleic acid than argan oil and 3 times the amount of retinol than rosehip oil. Each of those are commonly used ingredients in anti-aging products, so cacay oil must pack on hell of a punch, right?

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil

The product I received is 100% Caryodendron Orinocense seed (cacay nut) oil, and I’m always thrilled to see that kind of level of natural purity from a product. It’s part of why I really love pure face oils; you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a glass pipette, which I really appreciate given that I’ve used some oils in the past that just come in a standard screw top, and let’s just say sometimes the bathroom ends up pretty oily… Anywho, the packaging is very simplistic and tasteful, and I like that all of their other products have the same matching label, but in varying colours depending on the particular product.

The oil is a very similar colour to something like sunflower or vegetable oil; a nice, clear golden yellow. What sets this apart from some of the other oils I’ve tried though, is the fact that it’s actually quite loose and light. It still feels like, well, an oil, but it leans much more on the liquid side when it comes to a nice oily viscosity. It isn’t thick or sticky and it doesn’t cling. It’s an easy to use little bottle and the dropper makes it quick, simply and fuss free to get the number of drops of product that you want.

This is described on the website as an odourless oil, but I wouldn’t quite say that. Personally, I can detect a slightly nutty scent when I apply it to my face, but it’s a subtle, fleeting scent that you don’t really smell again once it’s applied. I’ve been using either one or two drops of these morning and evening in place of a moisturiser as part of my regular skincare routine, and because it’s such a loose, dry oil it’s extremely easy to work with and blend all over your skin. One is likely enough product for most people, but if I’m feeling especially dry (as I’m prone to being these days) then I’ll use two drops, particularly at night.

What sets the Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Oil apart from other oils I’ve used in the past is how quick it is to absorb into my skin! While some oils I use (and my shea butter) will take quite a while to sink into the skin, I can apply this in the bathroom, go sort out my deodorant and hay fever tablets and then mere minutes later when I sit down to do my makeup my skin is prepped and ready for primer or foundation, with no oily residue whatsoever. As quick drying as it is though, my skin feels super hydrated and full of life after using it.

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil

I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now and so far I’m very, very impressed. It’s natural, light, hydrating and a little of it goes a long way. It’s also small enough to travel with, and I like that it’s a product I can use in both the morning and the evening so it saves me bringing two different moisturisers out and about with me. I can’t comment much on the anti-aging properties of it since it’s not exactly water from the fountain of youth and I’m not going to see results after such a short time, but my skin does feel fresher and plumper after using it so I’d like to think that it’s doing me a few favours in the long run!

You can find the Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Face Oil on their website and on the Love Lula website, too. It sells for £39 for a 30ml bottle, which might sound steep at first but honestly, this thing is going to last me for ages. As I said, I’ve been using it daily for weeks, and it doesn’t even look as though I’ve used any because 1-2 drops of product is all you need to fully moisturise your face all day or all night. On top of that, if you’re in the market for some anti-aging products, then compared to other oils it’s arguably a bit more beneficial to your skin thanks to the higher concretion of anti-aging vitamins and fatty acids found in it. So, as much of a cheapskate as I am, in the grand scheme of things I actually would be happy to repurchase this because not only is it going to last me quite a while, but I’m getting more than just a simple moisturiser out of it.  Plus, I’m a sucker for a good moisturiser and it’s where I’m going to spend the extra money on out of all of my skincare routine steps.

The texture or viscosity or whatever of the Natural Cacay Oil also means it might be a good oil for people who have maybe struggled with other face oils in the past. It’s nourishing but doesn’t overwhelm the skin or sit there on it for ages, so if you’ve had issues with things like coconut oil or even argan or almond oil before, this might be a nice alternative for you. It is on the expensive side though, so if you’ve never used an oil on your face before, definitely try out something cheaper to see how you like it before spending the money on this! Oils of Heaven also have a three other face oil products – moringa, rosehip and argan – for only £19, so this might also be an option for you, although rosehip and argan oil can often be found cheaper elsewhere. I’ve never seen moringa oil before though, so I’m pretty intrigued by that one!

The real question though, is: did I go ‘ooh!’ when first trying the Ooh! cacay oil? The answer is yes. Yes I did.

And there you go.

* This review is not sponsored and has not been paid for, however the product was sent to me free of charge. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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