vaKATEtion Photo Diary #2 / Strolling through Painshill Park

Monday, 6 June 2016

On one of our less adventurous days, Kate and I decided to do something a little bit closer to home and spent the afternoon at a nearby garden. Painshill Park is an 18th century landscape garden in Surrey, and has a nice variety of landscapes in it from woodland (which at the time was full of bluebells!) to meadows and rolling hills, with the odd ruins, rivers and more cultivated flower gardens dotted throughout. It’s a really beautiful place and certainly somewhere you could spend the whole day relaxing with a picnic, we definitely could’ve got there a bit earlier than we did in the middle of the afternoon!

Like most of my posts about Kate and I’s day trips are going to be, this is a really photo heavy post, so most of it will be below the cut – you’ve been warned!

One interesting feature in Painshill Park is their crystal grotto, which is a man-made, underground grotto made from hundreds of thousands of crystals including quartz, calcite and so on. The one there at the moment is a restoration, but the original dated back to 1760 and it’s well worth a look as it’s an incredibly unique and enchanting little spot to visit. The photos I took don’t particularly do it justice tbh.

At the complete opposite end of the park is a restored Gothic Tower that offers some great views of the park and the surrounding area, but even better was the fact that it was absolutely filled with ladybirds! It didn’t really click until we realised that loads of the bits all over the floors and windowsills going up the spiral staircase to the top were actually dead insects, and the lo and behold we noticed that the windows were covered with them.

The real highlight of the day trip was on our walk back through the park to the car, when we spotted a family of ducks (at least I think they were ducks?) with some little babies chilling out by the river and one of the pretty bridges. Baby animals are always a good way to end a visit somewhere.


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Great post lovely.

    Ella xx

  2. Great post, your photos are amazing! This place looks so magical and that crystal grotto is super cool. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Thanks so much! It really was, it was super relaxing and all the wildlife was lovely. :)


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