A Scent-sory Evening with Gorilla Perfume

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Danie of Spiked Black Tee to join her and other bloggers at an event at Gorilla Perfume’s store in Islington. Gorilla Perfume will be familiar to just about anyone who is a fan of LUSH – it’s their range of fragrances inspired by art, music and poetry! Each scent has a story behind it, and each is as unique and beautiful as the last.

The evening was an exciting demonstration of not only their fragrances, but how scent can be influenced by our senses. I always knew that smell could impact on the flavour of food, but had never considered that this might be the same the other way around, or that our overall environment including the sounds and lights and atmosphere could change the way we perceive scents too.  Ever notice how one day you might love a fragrance and the next not be that bothered?  It might all be down to everything else you were experiencing when you first smelled it!

We began by trying a couple of perfumes alone, then tasting some lovely chocolates custom made for the scents and discussed how not only the flavours of the chocolate changed, but the dynamic of the smells too. Taste can bring out floral notes or citrus notes or tone down spiciness in a fragrance, and the fragrances could make some more bitter and others sweeter. Next were some cocktails (along with a booze-free mojito inspired by their well-known fragrance Dirty to welcome us). One was prepared for us and was a beautiful fragrant, spiced drink inspired by their Sikkim perfume. This is a warm, gently floral fragrance with notes of jasmine and was complimented beautifully by a cocktail featuring Ophir black pepper spiced gin (my new favourite), jasmine and a touch of cardamom.

Then, it was time to pick our favourite fragrance as a team and create our own! Lovely ladies Danie, Amie (The Curvaceous Vegan), Kaye (Fordtography) and I chose All Good Things, a sweet but very slightly smoky perfume that we all thought would be fun to replicate as a drink. Completely accidentally, we ended up creating an alcoholic version of cream soda, but we weren’t complaining…

The final demonstration of senses and scent was a performance by a live musician and various fragrances to accompany the music. Luise of Broken Forest treated us to some acoustic numbers inspired by some Gorilla Perfume scents, and the combination was a winner. The songs and perfumes were both beautiful and Luise had an incredible voice, so go give Broken Forest a listen!

We were generously treated to a goody bag as we left so I thought I’d also share some of the gifts they gave me. Among the other treats including a couple of pins from Gorilla Perfumes and Broken Forest, a lovely tote bag and Sun perfume postcard, I also received Cyanide Pill and Guardian of the Forest bath bombs, a pot of Dear John solid perfume and two samples of Dirty and 1000 Kisses (two of the scents we’d experienced alongside treats earlier).

I was thrilled to see that they’d included the Dear John perfume, as this was one of my favourite fragrances of the evening. I tend to favour woody, spicy, earthier scents and Dear John is a beautiful mix of citrus, clove, cedarwood, coriander and others that evokes feelings of curling up in a log cabin, but was originally inspired by the creators’ unknown father and his idea of what he may have smelled like. It’s a masculine scent compared to what’s generally considered popular among other women but it’s a gentle, comforting smell too.

Dirty is one of the stars of LUSH and features in some of their other products, and this is a cool, invigorating fragrance with notes of spearmint, thyme, sandalwood, oakmoss and tarragon. It’s an amazingly refreshing scent that’s perfect for summer and I’ve been enjoying getting whiffs of it when it’s hot out.

1000 Kisses is another beautiful but very different fragrance – it’s sweet and fruity with notes of citrus and apricot, but with undertones of earthiness from myrrh and osmanthus. It’s floral, but subtly so, so it’s something that smells spring/summery that I’m actually really enjoying when I normally tend to avoid floral perfumes.

I haven’t had a chance to try the bath bombs yet since we don’t use our bath very often (the water from the bath tap never quite heats up properly…) but I’m planning to take them with me next time I go stay at either mine or the Other Half’s parents’ places for a nice relax. They smell amazing in any case, and have been doing a great job of keeping our bedroom smelling great.

My favourite fragrance of the evening and from my goody bag was definitely Dear John and I think once the solid perfume runs out I’m definitely going to repurchase a spray version of it. I’d recommend all of Gorilla Perfume’s scents though, as they’re all wonderfully unique and perfect for people who fancy a perfume but (like me) hate the majority of popular, high street fragrances. Gorilla Perfumes scents feel organic and earthy and are much more ‘me’ than any of the popular, mainstream brands I’ve ever tried!

I had a great time at the event and it was amazing meeting Dani, Amie and Kaye for the first time – thanks for the laughs ladies, and a big thank you to Gorilla Perfume for the scentsory (aha) experience..!


  1. It sounds like you had such a lovely night! The Dear John perfume smells lovely and the Sun is such a summery scent too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I did! It really does, I wasn't fussed about scents before but these have really turned me on to perfumes to be honest!

  2. I really likes the notes of the Gorilla perfume. The blend of Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla makes this perfume really refreshing. The Buy Perfume in Bangladesh is always try to examine the notes first and then will collect those perfumes in store. Thanks for sharing this review.


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