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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Phee's Makeup Tips Glow Highlighter in the Original & Cryptic
It took me quite a while to get into the whole highlighter thing, but if you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll probably know that these days I like to glow so bright that alien civilisations light years away are alerted to my presence at the other end of the galaxy. The first highlighter I ever bought was a Soap & Glory one, then the coveted Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm, but today I wanted to talk about some perhaps less well-known products for achieving that perfect luminous glow.

Phee of Phee’s Makeup Tips started making her own loose highlight powders a while back, and having newly hopped onto the highlight bandwagon I couldn’t resist trying them out when I saw them. The swatches looked great, and Phee has hella makeup skills that showcase her products on her blog and the shop product pages. The products I have so far are the Original Loose Glow Highlight Powder, and Cryptic Loose Glow Highlight Powder.

Phee's Makeup Tips Glow Highlighter in the Original & Cryptic
Left: The Original, Right: Cryptic

Phee's Makeup Tips Glow Highlighter in the Original

The Original is your classic highlight shade; a lovely gold-leaning, champagne shimmer that suits just about any skin tone. It can be applied wet or dry, and as with most makeup, using it wet makes it pop that little bit more – I can’t say I’ve tried these wet (yet) but the product pages offer some great swatch photos so you can check out the difference it makes there. Phee’s Makeup Tips Glow highlight powders are made with pure mineral pigments and no fillers, so that you get the most bang for your buck and the best possible intensity of colour, and because they’re mineral powders they’re much better for sensitive skin than non-mineral alternatives. The powder itself is very light and finely milled and is a dream to work with. Depending on what I’m doing with my face, I either use a fluffy brush for a light dusting and a more subtle highlight, or I just pat it straight on with my fingers for a more full-on glow.

Phee's Makeup Tips Glow Highlighter in Cryptic

Cryptic is essentially the same formula and the same consistency, but it’s a really unique, cool-toned pure silver shade. Highlighters of more ‘out there’ shades are starting to become a little more popular and mainstream these days, but when I first bought this many moons ago it was the very first silver highlight I’d ever seen for sale and I had to have it. Again, the powder is super fine and a pleasure to work with, and you need very little product to get a highlight that really packs a punch. Unlike the Original, it’s perhaps not as universal a shade, but that’s exactly why I liked it so much – I feel like an alien or a winter witch queen when I wear this.

Phee's Makeup Tips Glow Highlighter in the Original & Cryptic Swatches
Top: Cryptic, Bottom: The Original

Both of these products are much more multi-dimensional than a lot of highlighters I’ve used or swatched; the Original is champagne but has a hint of strong gold iridescence and you can see distinct sparkles in both this and in Cryptic in their packaging, but neither leave your skin actually looking sparkly. Instead, you just get a flawless, metallic sheen that blends well over liquid or powder foundations and doesn’t leave you looking powdery at all.

Some might consider it blasphemy to say, but I much prefer these to theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. The Original Glow is easily my holy grail champagne highlight and I find it way more enjoyable to work with than Mary-Lou, too. Other people always say that it’s really easy to accidentally use too much of the Mary-Lou Manizer, but I’ve never thought that at all (maybe that’s just how much I like a bold highlight…), but what I do notice is that it ends up looking really powdery and unnatural, while I can use as much of the Phee’s Makeup Tips Glow highlight powders as I want and I just look like I’ve been kissed by glittering space angels. The only downside to these products is that there’s no way to close the sifters – once the sticker is off there’s no way to control the amount of product coming out without sticking something back over it again, so if you decide to travel with them you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed by powder every time you want to use them again later. That said, they also now come in a pressed version which would be much better for travelling without looking like a unicorn sneezed on you when you opened your highlighter.

That one little gripe out of the way, I’ve got a handful of Phee’s Makeup Tips eyeshadows too and the quality of her products is just hugely impressive across the range that I’ve tried so far. Neither the highlight powders nor the eyeshadows irritate my sensitive skin or eyes, and the uniqueness of the shades and the colour payoff of all of them is just fantastic. I plan on reviewing the eyeshadows in the near future, so keep an eye out for those if you’re interesting!

The loose Glow Highlight Powders are only £8.00 each with free UK shipping so they’re one hell of a bargain  for what you get. I can’t remember the exact amount of product you get in these and I can’t seem to find it on the product pages either, but comparing it to other tubs of powder I think they’re at least 2g to 3g each. However much you get, I’ve been using the Original religiously for months and I haven’t even remotely made a dent in it. They also come in a variety of other unique shades from pastel pink to mint green, in addition to some new marbled shades that combine multiple colours. And, of course, the products are all cruelty free and the ingredients are sourced from cruelty free suppliers, and they’re vegan friendly.

Have you tried any Phee's Makeup Tips products?


  1. I've never even heard of Phee's until this post but I'm glad I did, I'm a bit of a highlighter newbie. I think maybe the pressed version in the original shade would suit me more. Which brush do you use for a softer highlight?

    Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

    1. Glad to have helped! The only downside with the pressed version is that unless you're happy with the little plastic resealable boxes they come in, you need a magnetic palette to stick them in. At the moment I use either the Real Techniques base shadow brush from their eye starter kit, or a fluffy blending brush but I've been hunting for a good fan brush as I hear those are great for subtle washes of highlight!


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