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Sunday, 6 March 2016

I first heard about Give Me Glow’s liquid lipsticks quite a while back and knew one day I’d have to have one. They’re an independent brand that’s all handmade, and were previously available on Etsy only but have just launched their own online shop, complete with brand new packaging and new products. They offer quite a variety of really unique shades of matte liquid lipstick, as well as dupes for high end liquid lipsticks. Everything they make is cruelty free and vegan, so buying from them is basically the whole shebang – supporting an awesome indie brand and saying no to animal testing!

Of course, everything has to have a downside and for me it’s the price of shipping and customs. Being a small US brand, international shipping to the UK obviously doesn’t come cheap, and then on top of that – because the UK government likes to annoy me – customs charges are a load of crap. I was lucky enough to catch a sale they were having just before they closed down the Etsy store and snagged three lipsticks for a fraction of the normal price, thinking I’d got a right bargain, but then with the customs charges I basically paid full price. I mean, it was technically still a bargain because I did save money altogether by getting them in the sale, but customs, man.

Left to right: Mania, Lara Croft, Bonfire Season
Any who, the shades that I got were Mania (a grey/greige nude), Bonfire Season (a darker, muted nude with lavender tones, though on me it looks much warmer) and Lara Croft (cool-toned, brown-based dark nude). Each came in a simple labelled tube with a doe foot applicator, which is actually a great little applicator and gives a good, smooth swipe and good control.

Left to right: Mania, Bonfire Season, Lara Croft

In a nutshell, all of these colours are excellent. The formula of all of them is great – it dries matte (and doesn’t take long to try), is easy to apply, and is long-wearing providing you don’t eat any particularly oily foods. They’re also easy to re-apply; they layer well and I’ve never needed to scrub them off to touch them up. There are the odd differences between each one, though, which is to be expected for handmade cosmetics. I found Bonfire Season to be a bit of a thicker formula and was just a tiny bit more difficult to apply, while Mania I thought was a thinner formula that required a bit more layering to get a good opacity and avoid streaking. Although they are a matte lip product, I didn’t find them particularly drying. My lips don’t feel any worse for wear after wearing them all day, and I don’t need to make sure my lips are perfectly 100% exfoliated when I wear this versus other matte liquid lipsticks that make any dryness about a thousand times more noticeable. Like most matte liquid lipsticks, they do settle a bit into the lines of your lips, but not in an unappealing way and, hey, we’re human. We don’t have perfectly smooth lips!

All of the below swatches are done on bare lips that were just moisturised with a bit of lip balm. The pigmentation of all of them is pretty great except for, as I mentioned earlier, Mania which requires a bit more work to get even and opaque and I’ve found really benefits from blotting a bit of foundation or concealer over the lips before applying it. That said, it’s one of my favourite shades because it’s just so unique and exactly the kind of shade I’d been lusting after when I bought it.

I wasn’t sure if these lipsticks would be worth it after paying the customs fees, but oh man, they were! I’m so pleased I bought them and I’ve been wearing them all the time since I got them. Now that their new shop is open and boasting a wealth of other exciting, interesting shades, I’m seriously tempted to get a few at full price now.  I already have my eye on quite a few! You can check out the Give Me Glow Instagram here for lots of swatches, product photos and customer photos and you can purchase their lipsticks from, where each one is currently $13.25 (about £9.30).

Give Me Glow liquid lipstick in Mania

Give Me Glow liquid lipstick in Bonfire Season
Bonfire Season

Give Me Glow liquid lipstick in Lara Croft
Lara Croft


  1. Oh my god I had a quick browse through their site and I need them ALL 😭 Such pretty shades, I might have to treat myself come pay day.

    Brianne xo

    1. I KNOW. Not sure if they're still in stock but I had my eye on Hades and Medusa before as well, because who wouldn't want lipsticks named after Hades and Medusa anyway? Goodbye money.

  2. Love the colour. These look pretty amazing.

  3. The colours you picked are right up my street, love them! xx

  4. These shades are amazing! The customs charges do put me off a little bit though :(!


    1. I know, I'm really glad I got them when they were on sale. :/ This is where it pays to have a friend in the US who can post things to you to avoid it (or bring stuff over when they visit as I'm forcing my bestie to do in May xD).


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