8 Places in Europe I want to Visit

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It’s no surprise to those who know me that I love travelling.  I’ve considered myself a very mobile person since childhood - despite being British and born in the UK, I spent most of my childhood in the States, moved back to the UK and have since visited a number of foreign countries both near and far.  Surprisingly though, for someone who enjoys travel and who lives in the UK, I’ve seen very little of Europe!  I’ve had more experiences of travelling in further flung places than I have going to those that are right on my back door, and having not visited anywhere new for a while, I’m itching to get out and see the world again.

I’ve recently been planning a couple of trips, one with my mum to Berlin and another to Brighton and then later in the year road-tripping to Belgium with the other half, and this and dreamily reading over travel and food travel blogs has really aggravated my travel bug.  So, in the spirit of things, here are 8 places in Europe that I’m hoping to visit one day!

I’ve been two a handful of cities in Germany before, but never Berlin.  There’s something about the capital that really appeals to me (maybe it's the somewhat edgy and unique fashion and general atmosphere?), and on top of plenty to do both with regards to sight-seeing and shopping, there's also apparently a wealth of vegetarian and vegan food to try.  I am one of those travellers that follows their stomachs to new places, so it's high up my list of places to see!  I also still speak a tiny bit of German, and that bit of understanding makes me feel so much more at ease when going to non-English speaking countries.  I’ll be visiting here in November and will certainly be posting about what I get up to!

I don’t know what it is about Denmark that I love so much – the architecture and the general way of life there just seem lovely. I’d love to visit during winter and see the city with some snow on the ground, which would be a beautiful contrast against some of the brightly coloured houses around areas like Nyhavn and Christianshavn. I hear the food and the general atmosphere are great, and Scandinavia in general I’m just obsessed with the idea of visiting (as you’ll see from some of my other must-see places). It’s not as much of a vegan paradise as places like Berlin, but it still doesn’t seem too hard to eat happily as a vegan there.

There are so many things I’d love to see and do in Amsterdam, it’s a beautiful city with plenty of exciting culture to experience. I’d love to one day have a picnic in Vondelpark and visit the sex museum and to learn more about sex work in Amsterdam (Morag of Mo Adore recently shared her thoughts on this after visiting De Wallen), and there’s even a lovely looking cat café and a weird museum that only displays cat-related art!

My other half has already been to Prague and loved it so much he’s more than happy to go back and visit it with me. Another city with some unbelievable architecture, from the photos it looks as though you’d be walking through a medieval fantasy town. St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle both look spectacular and everywhere in the Old Town looks beautiful. Not going to lie, I kind of want to be a loser and do a Segway tour there. And, of course, it’s a great place to go for drinks and it’s a pretty affordable place to go away for a break.

Oslo is another Scandinavian gem I have my eye on. Again, I don’t know what it is that actually appeals to me so much about it; I just really want to go. Like Copenhagen, I day dream about visiting in the autumn or winter with plenty of ice and snow so we can stroll around stunning Sognnsvann Lake just outside of the city, or admire the sculptures and amazing views at Ekeberg sculpture park. The only downside about visiting Norway though, is the cost. It doesn’t come cheap to do things in Oslo, especially if you’re going to be eating out all the time.

It's easy to forget in the UK how close you actually are to places in Europe, and when I was looking at Google maps to plot a route to work when I passed my driving test, I noticed that Belgium was only a four hour drive away and we resolved to drive there by the end of the year.  Ghent is within that sort of doable distance and is apparently one of Belgium's best kept secrets in that it has a lot to offer, but is relatively un-touristy (in the grand scheme of things) at the same time.  It seems like my kind of city - small enough to still be quaint and cosy and un-intimidating, but large enough to still have plenty to do.  It has loads of quirky bars, beautiful, medieval architecture, delicious food and a really awesome looking street art scene.

Honestly, it’s so frustrating that there’s such beautiful places in Scotland right on our doorstep, but it often costs just as much to get there as it does to fly halfway across Europe. Ever since the other half applied for a job in Edinburgh (which he sadly didn’t get) I’ve really wanted to visit. It just looks beautiful, and the food, oh man the food. There seems to be quite a few vegan options and the food scene in Edinburgh has been looking generally just awesome in recent years, we’d both have a whale of a time. What a joke that it costs more to get here than it does to fly to bloody Berlin!

You’ll notice that this one doesn’t have a specific city attached to it, and that's because I want to see all of it.  I’ve dreamed of going to Iceland for years now, not just to see the beautiful city of Reykjavik, but to bask in the landscape and natural beauty that Iceland has to offer.  I hope to one day go there to take full advantage of the outdoors and do as many hikes and glacier walks and whale watches as I possibly can.  I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights for years, and to see them here would make a lifelong dream come true.

Where do you want to go or would you recommend visiting in Europe?


  1. I live in Edinburgh and have just got back from a long weekend in Copenhagen, great choices! I think Copenhagen gets a bad rep for being a bit difficult for vegans but I thought it was great! Loads of options and plenty of really nice vegan only places. Definitely check out #vegancopenhagen on Instagram for inspiration.

    1. So jealous that you live in Edinburgh! That's great to hear about Copenhagen, thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh man, do let me know when you're going to Berlin! I don't live there myself, but I've been there loads, so I can give you loooots of recommendations for places to eat etc :)
    Also ditto on most of the list, I reeeally wanna go to Amsterdam, Prague and Edinburgh someday. Also wouldn't mind Copenhagen and Iceland. :D

    1. Sweeeet, thanks! We're staying in Neukölln and I've already scouted a few great sounding places in the area, CAN'T WAIT. Gonna be so full the entire time I'm there.

  3. I've been to both Amsterdam & Edinburgh, for Amsterdam I would recommend the canal tours - they're not a bad price and you feel like you can see the buildings dance as you pass by, but Edinburgh holds a special place in my heart. It's a beautiful city, worth the train fare I promise! If you get chance, check out Rabbies tours that run from Edinburgh, they take you up and out of the city and you learn a little history - in a fun way! Xx

    1. Ooh thanks for the recommendations, both sound great! I definitely want to do some kind of canal tour in Amsterdam and see everything from the water, plus it seems really peaceful. Someday I'll bite the bullet and make it to Edinburgh, I know I won't regret it!

  4. Oooh great list! I've been to Berlin (the food is incredible), Amsterdam (really beautiful and pretty, although I got a little bored after a few days as it's quite small), Edinburgh (which I love dearly! It's an excellent place) and Iceland (incredible country!!!) and I'd love to go to Oslo next. I'm planning to visit Helsinki and Ireland this year on my European travels!! xx

    1. I've heard that about Amsterdam too! I probably wouldn't want to stay more than a couple of nights. So jealous that you've been to Iceland! Hope you have an amazing time in Helsinki and Ireland, I'd love to hear about them when you go. :B

  5. Great picks! I really want to go to Prague too and Edinburgh and Iceland! Everywhere really!

    Why does it have to be so expensive to travel?!!


    1. Thanks! I know, there's so much of the world I want to see but so little money to make it all happen. :/ We've managed to find some great deals with AirBnB though and hostels are generally a LOT cheaper elsewhere in Europe if that's your jam so I'm hoping to get out there and make it work anyway!

  6. This is a pretty awesome list! I can vouch for Berlin, Copenhagen and Scotland as being absolutely beautiful places. It's funny that you said you would like to see Copenhagen in the winter as when I went, it was early December and covered in about 3ft of snow (although nobody lets that stop them from cycling everywhere)! I definitely recommend Tivoli Gardens at night time because it is the perfect winter wonderland but for a vegan I would beware the many people warming themselves in real fur coats. Copenhagen is pretty expensive too but worth it for a long weekend :)


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