What I got for Christmas: Star Wars Edition

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

With the new film out and stores going into merchandise overdrive, I knew I was going to be getting some Star Wars bits and pieces for Christmas and I wasn't disappointed!  So, I thought I'd do a little haul post to share some of what I got.

My mum gave me the bulk of the things, including many of the silly little things like the foam soap, cereal and kitchen towels (which are apparently from Poundland but appear to be legit Lucasfilm/Disney merch!).  Apart from my t-shirts I bought myself earlier in the year, can you believe those new coasters and the little key fobs are the first The Force Awakens items I own?  I expected to have collected a mountain of crap by now...

The Year by Year Visual Chronicle book is actually about the films' development and production from what science fiction was like before Star Wars, up to 2012 and the Clone Wars animated series.  There are lots of snippets of news, toy releases, old posters, how it was produced and advertised and what was going on in the world when each movie was released.  I'm expecting it to be a really interesting read and really nostalgic once I get to the prequel years that I grew up with.

The other book gem was given to me by Claire and I literally sat there for about ten minutes after opening it trying to find everything on the first few pages!  As well as obviously finding Chewbacca, you also have to look for Han, the Millennium Falcon and the Old Trilogy bounty hunters on every page and there are lots of other little bits and pieces to spot, like a little BB-8 on the first page and a wampa on Hoth.

I was lucky enough to be given an iPhone 4 as a hand-me-down from Chris's dad when he and his mum upgraded to iPhone 6s, so Chris jumped at the chance to get me a cute little Boba Fett case to go with it.  And my mum read my mind and got me the snazzy Death Star worktop saver!

Not pictured is another air freshener shaped like Darth Vader and a reusable shopping bag from Tesco that for some reason exists (and that I spotted on Christmas Eve and nearly ran to grab myself!), just because at the time of writing this I'm still away from home and struggling to keep all of our gifts tidy and together.

I didn't specifically ask for anything Star Wars-related so I'm pretty thrilled with what I got and I'm already eyeing up plenty of things that I want to buy for myself.  It's extremely difficult to resist just getting loads of 12 - 18 inch figurines... so we'll see what my collection looks like in another year, eh?


  1. Oh my GOD that BB-8 key thing though!!! I have a mighty need. D:

    1. I KNOW! I can't wait to use him, I just need to try and pry my keys off the stubborn rings they're on. :/

  2. I love the Where's Wookiee? book!

    I want a full size BB-8 after seeing the film :)

    Kayleigh x

    1. It's great fun and the illustrations are really cute!

      Me too, I wish they made full sized plush toys of him because I'd definitely throw my money at that.

  3. I love this! Those kitchen towels especially ... who knew?! May the force be with you!

    1. Seriously! Not what I was expecting when I opened my presents to say the least! May the Force be with you too. :)


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