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Sunday, 20 December 2015

I feel like I started subscribing to The Vegan Kind at such a good time, I've been so impressed by all of their boxes so far and after their last anniversary box I wasn't sure I'd be too impressed with anything after it, but luckily I was wrong.  Their December box is just as special and nice and festive to boot, and there's even an item that's exclusive to this month's box!

10p from every December box sold goes to the no-kill sanctuary F.R.I.E.N.D. Animal Rescue in Kent, and this month's recipe is for a chocolate orange ganache with coconut chantilly cream which sounds incredible.

The first item I have to share is the Sticky Mix Oat and Cranberry Cookie Mix (335g, RRP £6.00), which is a brand that I've seen in other peoples' boxes before I started subscribing.  All you need to do with these is add a bit of water and your preferred butter substitute and boom, 12 delicious cookies!  I made these this weekend and both the other half and I were really impressed by the taste and texture of them - they were just sweet enough, but not too sweet, and were wonderfully chewy.  That said, at a whopping £6.00 I would never buy these for myself.  I bake quite often and I enjoy doing it, so paying that much basically just for the convenience of not having to measure out all of the ingredients is so not worth it for me.

The next two things I was extremely excited about when I saw them because I've been drinking a fair bit of hot chocolate now that the weather is cooler (or, as cool as this abnormally warm winter has been).  The Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice (320g, RRP £3.50) is an orange spiced version of the Choc Shots that I've seen are super popular and that I've been wanting to try since I became vegan.  It has sweet orange and cardomom, and can be stirred into hot non-dairy milk or can be drizzled over porridge, desserts and whatever you'd like.  It's also 95% fat free and only has 14 calories per teaspoon!

To go with the tasty hot chocolate, TVK have also included some marshmallows!  Every box had either miniature or large Freedom Mallows Marshmallows (75g, RRP £2.49) and I'm really glad that I got the mini ones because I've been craving vegan marshmallows for my hot drinks.  I've been using both of these products in hot chocolates, and they're delicious together but also tasty separately.  The ChocShot is basically a liquid chocolate orange, and the marshmallows are easily the best marshmallows I've ever eaten.  I usually don't really like the texture of them, but I'd happily eat these Freedom Mallows on their own because the texture is gorgeous.  £2.49 does seem like a lot of money for a little bag of marshmallows though, so I'm not sure I'd buy them again myself.

One of the other boxes I tried had some Cocoa Libre chocolate in it and I was interested to try more of their stuff, lucky for me this box also had Cocoa Libre Dark Mint Chocolate Owls (40g, RRP £1.89) in it too!  They look really cute and mint chocolate is one of my favourite flavours.  The other half and I enjoyed these as after dinner mints, and just as you'd expect, they're very dark, minty and luxurious.  Definitely more of a grown up chocolate!

I'm no stranger to Nakd bars and I knew there was a Christmas pudding flavoured one so it was a great touch for them to add one to the Christmas box.  The Nakd Christmas Pud Bar (35g, RRP £1.00) is made of just fruit, nuts and Christmas spices to recreate the classic pudding flavours.  I love Nakd bars but I was a little bit disappointed that this was included, just because they're pretty common and are all over supermarkets now so it didn't really feel like something new and special I got to try.  Even so, it was still pretty nice and it really did taste like Christmas pudding (the only difference being that I hate Christmas pud and I actually quite enjoyed the Nakd bar).

I was really happy to find the Harper's Bizarre Not Even a Mouse Candle (RRP £5.00) at the bottom of my box - I love candles, and I love Christmas smelling candles even more.  This one is a really lovely mixture of sweet, cake scents and fruity, festive spice and it smells really amazing when burned.  As far as the strength of the smell goes, it's strong but not quite as strong and with as much bang for your buck as more expensive brands I've tried in the past, but it still lasts quite a long time and let's face it, any candle that smells like Christmas is a win in my book.

Yet another awesome box from The Vegan Kind!  What's your favourite item from box #26?


  1. This looks brilliant! I love the look of everything, and you can't beat a nice candle. Great review :)


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