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Monday, 7 December 2015

What with my new found love of highlighters, it was only right that I treated myself to one of Sleek's new palettes when I discovered that I had an absurd amount of points to spend in Boots that I'd forgotten about.  Did any others cruelty free folk just forget Boots existed after Superdrug became cruelty free?  Because I did; I hardly ever shop there any more except for when my local one has more choice or better offers on Barry M!

Anyway, Sleek have released a few different highlighting palettes, and the one I chose was, to be honest, more influenced by the name of the palette and the individual shades than anything else.  So, I picked Solstice, which has vaguely space-related colour names - I am a sucker for space and the word Solstice makes me think of my dream life living as a modern witch in the woods (with a good wifi connection) befriending animals with my best friend.

(Enjoying the awkward reflection of my bedspread?)  The packaging itself is very lovely to look at; most of Sleek's palettes are black and suitably 'sleek', so I wasn't expecting it to be a nice, shiny gold when I opened up the box.  It's a reasonably sturdy palette, however it doesn't seem to secure itself closed, nor does it have a magnetic seal, so I would worry about it staying shut if I had it knocking about in my bag. 

The packaging also comes with a handy mirror that's a decent size.  There two baked, one shimmer powder and one cream shade, and they come with a little brush that I imagine very few people who are really into highlighters and make-up would actually use as it's not particularly great, but I suppose it would do in an emergency!

From top left to right, the colours are:
Ecliptic - neutral, pale bronze (cream)
Hemisphere - cool-toned pink (baked)
Subsolar - champagne (powder)
Equinox - coppery gold (baked)

In retrospect, I probably wouldn't have picked this for myself based on the colours alone just as they aren't really ones I would think to reach for normally.  I don't really do baby pinks and the copper looks a bit much, although the other two are pretty appealing to at first glance.

(Top to bottom: Equinox, Subsolar, Hemisphere, Ecliptic) Despite my reservations though, they look fantastic swatched!

Ecliptic is probably my favourite in the pan, but it's taken a bit of practice to get it to work well on my skin just because I'm not really used to using a cream highlight.  Dabbing it gently onto my skin and building it up and blending with my finger has been my preferred method so far; I find the warmth from my finger blends this one much better than a brush or sponge.  It's also a darker shade than I'm used to, so while it isn't as striking as some of the lighter shades, it gives a lovely, natural radiance to my skin.  Although I'm very fair-skinned myself, I would avoid this one as a highlight if you're paler than me, as it might look a bit strange, but it'd look killer used as an eye shadow on anyone.  Plus, if you have darker, cool-toned skin, this would probably look amazing as a normal highlight on you.

Hemisphere is probably the one I'll get the least use out of just because, as I said, I'm not the biggest fan of pale or baby pinks.  That said, it looks beautiful lightly washed over a natural pink blush or dusted over the cheekbones for a luminous, youthful glow.  I'm not crazy about baked products either, but this one is lovely and soft to work with, easily blended and very pigmented, as you can see from the swatch photo.

Subsolar is the most versatile both in formula and in shade.  A soft, buttery powder, it's very easy to apply and to work with, and with it being a light, warm champagne shade, it will suit almost all skin tones and go with a number of different looks.  I think I actually prefer using this to my Mary Loumanizer, and it also makes a beautiful inner corner highlight.

Equinox I am still admittedly trying to figure out a good use for, but I bet it would look amazing for more bronzed, summery looks and for use as an eye shadow or patted onto a red or dark lip, and may also look great on people with darker, warmer complexions than me.

Although the colours may not have been quite what I'd normally buy for myself, Sleek have definitely lived up to their usual standards with this palette - much like the eye shadow palettes and blushes I've tried, there's a hell of a lot of pigmentation for your money and each shade will go a long way.  Although the packaging is gorgeous to look at, it looses points from me for not feeling as sturdy as some of the other palettes of theirs I've used that properly click into place to seal shut; we'll see if my worries are warranted or not after I take it away with me over Christmas!

If you're just dipping your toe into highlighting and want a palette to try out a few different colours and formulas, I'd definitely recommend giving one of these a go as I imagine they'd be a great starter product for beginners, and they're extremely affordable for the quality you get.  The Solstice Palette is cruelty free and vegan, and is available for £10 on their website and £9.99 on Boots and Superdrug online and in store.

Have you tried any of Sleek's highlighting palettes?


  1. Oh my God, that package is so beautiful. I love beautiful packages, so I am probably that typical consumer that they do all analyses on :D
    Anyway, colors are just magical. My favorites are Hemisphere and Equinox...(I love sparkly stuff also :D)

    1. I'm a sucker for a pretty package too, it's hard to resist when something look so nice!

  2. I probably wouldn't use the baby pink shade but Ecliptic and Subsolar are absolutely gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about ignoring Boots, I always go to Superdrug now - they have a much better range of cruelty-free brands and their own stuff is great too :) xx


    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I think the only things I ever need to go in there for now are prescriptions other than (other than checking out the Barry M deals), and I think my local one has a pretty nice range of Yes To products which is something. But other than that it doesn't hold a candle to Superdrug. xP

  3. This looks beautiful! I've never tried sleek but I would definitely check this out


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