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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

In September's The Vegan Kind box, they included a bottle of iced green tea from Tg Green Tea, and the lovely people of Tg were kind enough to send me some more samples after I mentioned in my review of that box that I'd love to try some of the other flavours they offer.  Although this was very generously gifted to me, rest assured that I received it with no strings attached; all thoughts are my own and nothing nice I say will be because I was asked to say it (about this or anything else ever, hah).

The bottle I originally tried was their Ginseng & Jujube flavour and I thought it was absolutely lovely; it reminded me a lot of some of the iced green tea drinks I enjoyed in Japan, and it was subtly flavoured, slightly sweet and had a real delicate, crisp green tea flavour that really hit the spot.  The other bottles they sent me to try were their Mandarin & Ginseng (which I was really curious about tasting!) and plain Ginseng flavours.

Surprisingly, as excited as I was to get my hands on the Mandarin one, it was actually a little bit too sweet for me.  It was still tasty, but the green tea flavour is only a hint, and the mandarin gives it a sweet kick much like actual mandarins rather than a more acidic, tangy orange or grapefruit citrus flavour, so it was unexpectedly almost more like a Lipton iced tea than an iced green tea to me.  For my palette personally (as someone who drinks mainly completely unsweetened green, fruit and spiced teas and isn't much of a sweet cold drink person), this one doesn't quite tick all the boxes.  Although I wouldn't necessarily prefer a drink as sweet as this, because it's naturally sweetened and contains only 30 calories, I imagine it might make a great alternative for people who love their sugar-filled fizzy drinks or even maybe things like Lucozade.  It's a fraction of the calories of a regular soft drink, and made with all the benefits of real tea and natural ingredients which is always a bonus to me as someone who honestly doesn't understand the appeal of soft drinks in the first place.

The Ginseng one was much more up my alley; it was sweet but it was a much more subtle sweetness, and although it tasted like iced tea, it still had a nice, delicate green tea flavour.  It's plainer than the other two and I much preferred this one to the Mandarin one, but neither held a candle to the bottle with Jujube!  I had all of mine on hand at work chilling in the fridge in our office and they were really refreshing to sip on throughout the day, I can imagine them being even better when it's really hot out.

I hadn't realised until my package arrived that Tg actually do hot tea too!  I was thrilled to get these; I absolutely love green tea and have been hankering for a good quality one for a while.  These didn't disappoint, either.  The samples came in resealable bags, and the teabags themselves are those fancy mesh-like pyramid bags.

The first one I tried was the Jujube & Osmanthus one and oh my, it was beautiful.  The addition of the jujube is heavenly and the actual green tea tastes wonderful; it's in a league of it's own compared to the crappy supermarket brand green tea I've been necking recently.  The flavour is hard to describe, I think the jujube (which if you didn't catch my TVK23 post, is a type of red date) is what gives it a very slight sweetness and then the Osmanthus (which I totally googled) gives it an equally as subtle floral taste and the combination is just amazing.  The regular green tea samples were just as delicious, great quality and they were definitely the best green teas I've tried of brands you can get from supermarkets.

All in all, I'm really impressed with these.  I'm someone who still drinks hot drinks even when it's boiling outside, so the cold teas are really nice but the kind of thing I would reach for less often than the hot teas I tried, and those teabags were a great surprise and really won my heart as a tea lover.  When I went onto their website I also saw that they even do matcha which just makes my heart ache for Kyoto.  I've been trying to bring myself to buy matcha here for a while but the cost of it (it ain't cheap anywhere) has always put me off, but I might finally have to do it... especially since you only have to use a teeny tiny amount so it doesn't exactly get used up quickly.

The hot teas are £4.15 for a pack of 15 teabags, which is pretty expensive compared to your standard brands you can buy in supermarkets, but I've learned through experience that the extra money is definitely worth it when it comes to tea.  As much as it pains me to spend that little bit extra, the enjoyment I get out of certain brands (like this one!) is so much more than than I get out of the cheaper £1-£2 ones.  The iced tea bottles are £1.69 each, which although they're lovely I would be less likely to spend the money on unless I was out and about and fancied treating myself on the go.  At the same time though, they're a heck of a lot nicer and more affordable than some of the cold fruit and tea drinks you can get in a lot of coffee shops and caf├ęs I've seen around, so I guess it depends on whatever churns your butter.  Both their hot and cold teas are available to buy from their website,

Thanks again so much to Sophia and Hua from Tg for letting me sample some of their tasty teas!

If you're a fan of green tea, what's your favourite you've tried so far?


  1. I have just won a tea hamper cannot wait to try xx

  2. I have just won a tea hamper cannot wait to try xx


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