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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I've had the PHB Ethical Beauty Balancing Face Mask with Tea Tree & Petitgrain for quite a while now, and it's regularly rotated into my skincare routine.  I believe I bought mine for a bit cheaper as it was last year before they came out with their new packaging and some new reformulated products, but it's currently £18.50 on their website - a little bit more on the high end price side of things!

The website explains that it's designed to draw out impurities from deep within the skin, and boost overall skin circulation for healthier looking skin.  It revitalises skin, balances oil production, hydrates, soothes blemishes, helps to fade scarring and is mild, natural and gentle on the skin.  Like all of PHB Ethical Beauty's products, it's cruelty free, vegan, halal and handmade in the UK.

The texture of this mask is quite unique, as it's not a drying or clay formula at all; instead, it's a sort of gel-like cream consistency that doesn't harden as it dries.  Most masks I've used in the past dry on the skin and begin to feel tight, which is sort of what I came to expect from all masks.  This one is different, and even says in the website description: "say 'no' to dry & tight feeling face masks".  Rather than dry out and start to tug on my skin, this one melts into it and starts to become translucent as it's absorbed and works its magic, and then after at least 15 minutes, you can gently rinse it away and you're left with a face that feels super soft and wonderfully hydrated.

The brand recommends using this twice weekly after cleansing, but I just tend to use it whenever I feel my skin is being a bit temperamental and could use a natural, gentle treat.  During summer when I'm at my oiliest, I also find it does help to regulate my skin's oil production, so I don't look like quite as much of a grease ball when I've been using this on a more regular basis.

It's not a magical miracle mask that immediately banishes all oil and spots and blemishes, but my skin always feels incredibly refreshed after using this and it does help to calm down some blemishes and even tone down my blackheads when they start to flare up particularly badly.  It's a very soothing face mask that makes my skin look that little bit more radiant and way softer to the touch, and while I do still like the odd clay or drying face mask, this one proves you can definitely get a good mask with loads of skin benefits without it making you look like an experiment in a weird sci-fi B movie gone wrong.

Have you tried any of PHB Ethical Beauty's face masks?  What did you think?


  1. This sounds really lovely! I've got a few PHB products on my wish list and have recently tried a couple of their cosmetic products. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Awesome! I haven't tried any of their cosmetics other than their mascara (which I love) - what did you think of them?


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