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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I love having a subscription box now, it's so nice getting to the start of the month and thinking oh yes, I've got something awesome coming in the post just for me!  I was on the whole pretty pleased with last month's box so I was excited to see what goodies were sent to my door this month.

There were five different items (four of them edible) and as usual the box came with a few information leaflets about the products, one of the companies and information about VegFest which I'm gutted I didn't end up going to.  The charity of the month - Austin's Hamster Haven - sounds wonderful and I'm really happy to see TVK supporting a charity for our smaller furry friends who often seem to end up forgotten and less valued by other people!  It also came with the usual recipe card, which this time is for an awesome sounding baba ganoush that I can't wait to try out.

I was really excited to see Calbee UK Yushoi Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks (21g, 55p) when I opened the box, because not only do I recognise Calbee as a brand from my time in Japan but I love these kinds of puffed pea snacks and I've had similar ones many times before.  They didn't disappoint either, they're crunchy and puffy and perfectly salted and I loved these just as much as I loved the other brands I tried in Kyoto!  At only 55p per bag I'd definitely consider buying these again, and it looks like you can buy multipacks on their website!

The Lazy Day Foods Millionaires Crispie Squares (150g, £2.89) were the first thing I tucked into as a snack and later a dessert, and I really enjoyed them.  I love millionaires shortbread so I was obviously happy to try a rice crispie cake-style vegan version, and as well as being vegan these are also gluten and wheat free and free of hydrogenated fats.  The taste was great; the chocolate and caramel were delicious, but the texture of the crispy base was a bit of a let down.  I'm not sure if I got a duff pack or if it's just how they're supposed to be, but they felt a bit soft like they could be stale.  I still thought they were nice though, and I'm keen to check out what else Lazy Day Foods has to offer.

I can't get over how lovely the packaging for the Almighty Foods Mindful Mylk Chocolate Bar (24g, £2.00) is!  The chocolate was also amazing; even my non-vegan other half loved it.  These are made with cashew, coconut and vanilla mylk chocolate and cacao among other tasty, natural ingredients and the taste and texture were just a dream.  It was so smooth and creamy!  I'd love to buy this again, but unfortunately I draw a line at spending £2 on a tiny bar of chocolate.  I find it frustrating enough that Nakd bars are as expensive as they are and they're half that!  Still, if you have money to burn, you have to try these because they're amazing and then I can also live vicariously through you.

The Fitbites in the flavour Baobab Bounce (35g, £2.49) were the only product I was really sceptical of when I first opened the box.  There are two different flavours, one with beetroot and red berries, and this one with almond, coconut, pineapple and baobab and I'm not really the biggest fan of pineapple flavoured things.  I'll eat a little bit of fresh pineapple on a hot day, but you can keep the dried stuff to yourself.  That being said, I actually loved these.  They're sweet but not sickly, and the almonds and coconut compliment the pineapple and dates perfectly.  I've never had baobab before so I couldn't really pinpoint the flavour of that, but I thought these were great nonetheless.  Fitbites contain lots of vitamins and minerals and are high in anti-oxidants, and they recommend eating them before and after exercises to fortify and replenish energy levels.  I had one before and one after a work out - can't say I noticed a huge difference, but I certainly enjoyed the taste.  Again, the downside of this is the price because it works out at over £1 per ball.  I love how these taste and I'd love to keep eating them with my workouts, but I can't be paying nearly £2.50 for a couple of mouthfuls a few days per week.

The last product this month was this ORGANii Shower Gel in the scent Organic Aloe Vera & Bamboo (300ml, £5.95).  The packaging for this is something special too, the other half said if I hadn't told him it was a shower gel he probably would've tried to drink it and I felt the same way.  It's too pretty and funky to be a shower gel.  ORGANii products contain only pure, 100% natural ingredients, sourced from organic certified suppliers where possible (the 'where possible' in the description is slightly off putting, though).  I'm really pleased that I got the Aloe & Bamboo scent too, because it's one I would've picked for myself given a choice between this and the other flavours (Argan, Liquorice and Strawberry).  I haven't had a chance to use this properly yet as I'm still using up some old stuff, but the smell at least is wonderful - it's very subtle and gentle on the nose, but still really nice and obviously aloe scented.  I can't wait to try it out!

If you like the sound of all the products above, you can subscribe to The Vegan Kind for £10 plus £3.15 UK postage (£9 worldwide).

What are your thoughts on this month's box?  If you don't subscribe, then which product would you want to try if you had the chance?


  1. This subscription box sounds absolutely amazing and looks so full of so many delicious and cruelty-free goodies!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin' // instagram

  2. I've been contemplating composing an extremely tantamount post in the course of the last couple of weeks, I'll most likely keep it straightforward and connection to this rather if thats cool. Much obliged


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