October Tag Catch Up

Friday, 16 October 2015

Man, as excited as I was for October it hasn't really started off to be the great, fun month I was hoping for.  I had a bit of a rough couple of weeks to start with and inevitably fell behind on my daily tags, so I thought I'd do a quick catch up post of the ones I was missing!

9. Your go to coffee shop.
Hate to say it, but this is Starbucks for me!  I'd love to try more nice, local places but I'm always worried they won't stock soy milk, and I always feel like I know what I'm getting from big chains while independent shops (although probably way nicer) are more of a gamble.

10.  My go to autumn scarf and hat.
My favourite scarf is my over-sized tartan one partially pictured here, and my favourite hat my cheap-o grey beanie pictured here.

11. My go to everyday autumn makeup or outfit.
I picked makeup for this one, and you can check out my favourite seasonal look and how I do it here.

12. My favourite jumper to wear during autumn.
I haven't had a chance to wear either of these much yet, but my favourites right now are my spooky ghost jumper and my new and barely worn moth one.

13. Share my own recipe or DIY for autumn.
I already shared my own rather than one by someone else for my pumpkin spice recipe on day 7, you can check it out here!  (I know, I'm a dirty cheat...)

14. My plans for Halloween.
Nothing special, unfortunately!  As it's a weekend, I'm hoping to at least do my makeup all fancy, and then the Other Half and I were planning on a quiet night in with lots of snacks and my Box of the Dead DVD box set.

15. My favourite Halloween book/film/TV show.
My favourite movie to watch at this time of year is probably Shaun of the Dead, it's a Halloween classic for me.  For some of my other scary movie recommendations, check out this post.

16. Share a not so everyday Halloween MOTD or OOTD.
This will be appearing as a featured post on the blog tomorrow or on Sunday, so stay tuned!

Hope your October is going well!

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