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Sunday, 13 September 2015

This month was my very first The Vegan Kind lifestyle box!  I'd ordered the first beauty box that The Vegan Kind released ages ago on its own, and I loved what was in that one but decided against subscribing since I'm kind of finicky about beauty products and like to be able to choose my own things and read plenty of reviews etc. before making a purchase.  Snacks on the other hand, I am always up for.

This was box number 23 and included 7 different items all for £10 plus postage (so £13.15 altogether).  All of the products they include in the boxes are 100% vegan, duh, and as well as a mix of snacks and drinks they also include lifestyle products like soaps, detergents, candles and so on that are all equally as lovely and equally as vegan as the snacks.

Each box comes with a little sheet explaining all of the products and the companies that make them, latest news from The Vegan Kind, and their featured campaign of the month, to which 10p from every box sold is donated.  They also include a great little recipe card with every box, which is something I'm pretty excited about since I'm trying to learn more varied and interesting vegan dishes.  This month's was a chocolate mousse made from chickpea brine which I'm looking forward to trying since the last time I tried to make a mousse out of aquafaba it lost all it's mousse-ness...

I love me some popcorn and Nom Salted Maple Popcorn (25g, RRP £1.49) was right up my street!  Nom Popcorn is wholegrain popcorn made from ethically sourced ingredients, and is low in calories, high in fibre and made without refined sugars.  This was basically an all around win for me, I love maple flavoured things and I really enjoy sweet things that are complimented by a hint of salt.  Despite initial my reservations about the size, it also turned out to be a perfectly sized snack portion - 25g is actually a fair bit of popcorn!  I'm really interested to try their other flavours now because they also do a Cinnamon Maple one and, um, cinnamon guys.  Cinnamon.

When I first saw the inSpiral Smokin' Coconut Pecks (25g, RRP 99p) I just thought 'ooh yum, coconut pieces!' but then when I actually read what was in it, I was honestly kind of sceptical.  These are air dried coconut chips (not toasted, so they retain all their raw, nutritious goodness) but they're seasoned with a smoked paprika sauce and a twist of lime, which made me double-take.  Really, coconut and smoked paprika?  I had these with my lunch at work and I wasn't totally convinced by them at first, but it's one of those things that I found I enjoyed more the more bites I tried and once I was over my initial wtf reaction.  I'm not sure I'd recommend them to anybody who's a picky eater though as they're quite a unique, acquired taste.

The Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie (100g, RRP £2.25) was the first product I tried as a sweet after dinner treat, and holy shit this is one rich ass chocolate brownie.  It's a paleo snack cake made from 100% natural ingredients (I checked the ingredients list, there's literally like 5 ingredients and no additives) and is described as guilt free because everything that's in it is actually healthy.  Whether or not that's true is up for debate since dates are still pretty darn sugary, but this brownie was delicious, gooey, sticky and very chocolatey.  If you don't have much of a sweet tooth though you'd probably find it a bit much; if I were to have one again I'd definitely make sure I was in a mega chocolatey mood.

As far as first impressions go, this is probably the item I was least excited about.  Dried fruits don't really do a whole lot for me, and knowing that this little bag retails at £1.25 when I could grab a banana and maybe even an actual box of fresh strawberries for that didn't really impress me.  Nothing But Strawberry and Banana (10g, RRP £1.25) were surprisingly tasty once I tried them - the strawberries had a bit of a sour pop that was delicious and complimented wonderfully by the sweeter banana pieces.  Although I did enjoy it, this isn't something that I'd really repurchase myself; it was nice but I prefer fresh fruit and there isn't really enough product in the pack to tempt me back.

I've been hearing about cacao for months, since way back when I started eating healthier at the start of the year, and I still hadn't jumped on the bandwagon and given it a try.  As nice an alternative to chocolate as it sounded, upwards of £6 for a tub of cacao powder wasn't really that tempting to me when I could have a cheap ass Tesco brand tub of cocoa powder instead.  Since I hadn't tried it yet though, I was excited to see that this box included a cacao product, which was a 100% raw, cold pressed Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao (38g, RRP £1.00) bar.  This little bar was made from cacao powder, cacao nibs, oats and a variety of dried berries including goji berries, and it was delicious.  It was sweet with a bit of bitterness, and just plain lovely.  It's not really like a solid chocolate bar, but if you've ever had Nakd bars it was kind of similar but without any dates.  I'd definitely love to have another one of these!

I've heard a lot about Faith in Nature as a brand recently and had become quite interested in trying some of their products, so I was really pleased to see that this Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo (400ml, RRP £5.50) was included in this month's box.  It's even for normal to dry hair, which is perfect for me at the moment as my hair is still dry and recovering from chemical damage.  I tried it for the first time after toning my hair and I'm still kind of undecided about it.  It smells fantastic - it's less of a sickly sweet coconut smell (which I love) and honestly smelled more like Malibu than any other coconut things I've ever used, which was also a good thing!  This shampoo cleaned my hair really well, and it feels wonderfully soft and smells great now, but it did feel a little bit like my hair was dryer than usual at first.  I'm not sure if that was the dye I'd used or not, but that brand previously hadn't caused me any problems before so I'll have to reserve my judgement until I've used the shampoo a bit more.  In any case, I've mostly enjoyed it so far and I'm happy it was included in this month's box; I might do a full beauty review post of this after I've had a chance to use it a bit more.

I am a huge lover of green tea and cold tea drinks, and the Iced Tg Green Tea (330ml, RRP £1.39 - £1.69) reminded me a lot of some of the drinks I'd chug when I lived in Japan.  The company Tg uses real green tea leaves with a bit of ginseng in every bottle, along with other ingredients for some interesting infusions.  Mine was Jujube & Ginseng, and I totally googled what the heck jujube is - apparently it's a red date!  I really enjoyed this, it has a distinct but subtle green tea flavour, so is probably mild enough even for people who hate green tea, and it was also nicely sweetened without feeling like a soft drink.  I'd love to try their Mandarin flavour one day.

I'm very happy with my first The Vegan Kind box, and looking forward to next month's now too!

Do you subscribe to TVK?  If so what was your favourite product from this month, and if not which would you love to try if you had the chance?


  1. The popcorn sounds delicious! I love Faith In Nature - the coconut range is my favourite. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

  2. This box sounds amazing!!! xxx


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