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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lily Lolo is a brand I've been using for almost two years now after Kate turned me on to them.  Their products are all mineral products, cruelty free and often vegan, and work well for sensitive skin and eyes, and I've been a fan of their foundations especially ever since I first tried them out.

They've supplied loose, mineral eye shadows for a while but some time last year (I think) started to release pressed shadows too, and having tried their other ones I was excited to give them a go.  I started out with three, and in my last order I added a couple of others that I've been coveting to my collection.

The eye shadows are £6.99 each and are described as: "Silky smooth and highly pigmented Pressed Eye Shadow. Rich in moisturising jojoba oil which is kind to your skin and anti-ageing sea holly extract. Perfect for creating a natural daytime look through to a glamorous eye for any occasion." These are also one of the brand's vegan friendly products!  Not too sure if the sea holly is really working to stop my eyes from ageing or not, but it's nice to know that it's there and I do find that these aren't as powdery and drying as some other formulas, probably thanks to the jojoba oil.

I lean towards mostly neutral colours as you'll see below, but they also offer some pinkier and bronzier shades and a gorgeous looking dark denim that I keep being tempted by but still haven't purchased yet.  The shade range isn't the most varied right now, but it seems to be one of the product lines that they add to every couple of seasons, and they also have two palettes including colours that don't come in these singles.  My only sort of complaint would be the fact that there are far fewer matte shades than shimmers, and even the matte shades I find aren't truly matte and still have a little bit of a sheen to them.  This isn't unpleasant at all and I do still love them, but matte as hell eye shadows will always have a special place in my matte finished heart.

The shades I have from the top left going clockwise are: Rolling Stone, Ivory Tower, Stick in the Mud, Truffle Shuffle and Stark Naked.

As you can see, the packaging is well made, pretty high quality and each individual eye shadow comes with a little mirror.  Some people probably find that handy but I don't go anywhere without a compact or a larger mirror from a palette anyway, so it's kind of lost on me!  They're easy to open and close, and when you close them they click together and are perfectly secure.  The packaging also feels very sturdy and is able to withstand being bashed about a bit in a crowded make up bag - trust me, it's tried and tested...

Top to bottom: Stick in the Mud, Truffle Shuffle, Rolling Stone, Stark Naked, Ivory Tower.

Excuse my poor swatching skills, my lens struggles to auto-focus at the moment and it's hard to take a photo of your own arm one-handed!

From top to bottom, Stick in the Mud is actually not available on the website right now, which took me a bit by surprise!  I'm not sure if it's just out of stock or limited edition, but it's a very dark, matte brown.  It's kind of similar to their loose shadow Black Sand (another firm favourite) but I find that this one is a little bit more cool toned.  It's quite pigmented, but depending on the brush you use can take some building to get a very deep intensity, and I find it's the only one that can take a little while to properly blend but the results are still lovely.  I often use this one to deepen to my crease or as a soft liner on my upper lid.

Truffle Shuffle is described as a demi matte mauve brown.  When I first bought these, I'd never really heard of the term demi matte before but the best way I can think of to describe it is like a faint satin finish.  It's not super shimmery, but it's not fully matte either.  This one has little hints of sparkle to it (but nothing overwhelming) and is true to the description on the website.  This is great for a nice, subtle smoky eye because it's soft and neutral, but the mauve tint to it gives it a little something extra and it pairs very well with Stick in the Mud.  This one is very blendable and easy to work with.

Rolling Stone is my current favourite and is described as a demi matte grey brown.  Again, this isn't quite matte but it's not full on shimmer either so it's more of a very slight satin finish, and it's a beautiful taupe-y shade.  This has been my go to product for very quick looks recently and looks great just washed over the whole lid, slightly up above the crease and on the lower lash line - you don't even really need to add much else for definition, it just looks really pretty on its own.  I find this one very easy to blend and it has quite a nice, buttery texture.

Stark Naked is described as a matte, nude pinky beige and I held off buying it for quite a while because I was hoping it would be a perfect match for my skin tone to just wear for natural looks but wasn't too sure if it was going to be light enough - lucky for me it's actually spot on!  As I mentioned earlier, although this is described as matte it's not quite as matte as some shadows from other brands, but it goes on like a dream, is on the more buttery end of the texture scale, blends really well and has become one of my staples.

Ivory Tower is the last pressed eye shadow in my collection, and is described as a demi matte ivory.  This is probably the most satiny/shimmery of the demi matte shades and is probably my most used because it makes a brilliant inner corner highlight and can also be used on your brow and cheekbones.  It's a great light and bright eye shadow, but because it's an ivory shade rather than white it doesn't look stark, and I think it would work well to brighten eyes no matter what your skin tone.

All five of the shades I own work very well together - I frequently mix and match and pair different ones.  For example, recently I've been using Stark Naked and a subtle touch of Stick in the Mud in my crease to create a very natural, slightly defined look, and then popping Ivory Tower in my inner corners and brow bone.  I've also used Rolling Stone all over the lid in a smoky eye with Stick in the Mud to define the crease, Ivory Tower in the inner corners and a smidge of Truffle Shuffle to add some extra colour and dimension to the centre of the lid.

Each shadow has a very slightly different consistency which is normal for mineral eye shadows as they can vary a little bit from batch to batch, but the formulas are generally pretty great (despite the Stick in the Mud being the least blendable of the bunch) and they last all day on my eyes with a primer.  They're all quite pigmented (again, Stick in the Mud requires the most work to build colour) and most importantly, they don't irritate my awfully dry, itchy eyes.  One word of warning though; they do have a bit of an odd smell which I imagine is down to the oils and other natural ingredients used in them, but it's not unpleasant and it just takes a bit of getting used to.  It's just not what you expect when you're used to odourless eye shadows!

I love Lily Lolo as a brand and since I added the latest two of these eye shadows to my collection I've been pretty obsessed with them and I get so much use out of them.  I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some new shadows to try, particularly fans of mineral make up or people with sensitive eyes like myself.  I can't wait to try out some of the other colours too - the new shades Buttered Up and In For a Penny look particularly appealing.  If you also like loose mineral eye shadows, you should definitely check out Lily Lolo's loose shadows too because they're fantastic quality and come in a wider variety of shades, some of which are really gorgeous and unique.


  1. I had no idea Lily Lolo also did pressed eyeshadows, these sound lovely! I really like the look of Truffle Shuffle, it's such a pretty shade :) xx


    1. It's a really nice colour, the perfect balance between natural and a hint of something extra! :) x

  2. This is a new brand to me, and it looks great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :) I agree with you about matt eyeshadow but stark naked looks so pretty! I may have to make an exception... X

    1. You're very welcome, I'm glad it helped! :)

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