Month in Review / September 2015

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September has been kind of a weird month; we've settled into our new flat but have been without internet for most of the month, and I haven't seen tons of the Other Half because he's been out and about all over the place every weekend for the past few weeks.  The weather has also been kind of in limbo, caught between summer and transitioning into autumn, which is nice but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up for it to really be autumn now!  I remember last year it was still absolutely boiling through much of October, and was annoyingly mild through November and December too.

In any case, you can tell that summer is nearly over.  There's that autumn smell in the air in the evenings and early mornings now, leaves are just about starting to change colour and autumnal trends are out in force.

This month...
  • We actually got the house just about set up to look nice - it's not quite as big or as fancy, but it feels much more like a home than our last place.
  • I took the plunge and I'm now vegan.
  • I bought some great new clothes, including a black midi cardigan, some new The Force Awakens t-shirts and the cute striped jumper from my August wishlist (dreams do come true~).
  • I got to Skype my best friend Kate for the first time in ages.  Having a long distance soul mate sucks, but it's amazing to think that it's been literally years since we've seen each other in person and we still talk, even if only briefly, pretty much every day.
  • I got my first The Vegan Kind lifestyle box!
  • After several weeks without internet, we're finally connected at our new flat.
Post of the month: My review of Lily Lolo's awesome pressed eye shadows.

Films & TV...
  • Started watching Lost again with Chris.  I'm not nearly as into it as he is, but it's still an enjoyable show to watch.
  • I've been catching up on a lot of Star Wars news and spent a lot of time watching all of the Force Awakens panels from recent cons.
  • Chris and I watched The Muppets: Most Wanted.  Seriously good movie!
  • Saw Malifecent for the first time, and was really pleasantly surprised.  Without any spoilers, parts of it were tired and predictable but others were really refreshing and heart-warming.
  • Since we didn't have internet for most of September, I've been binge watching Air Crash Investigation again.  Best show ever.
  • Watched Run Fatboy Run for the first time in years.  Still pretty funny, but man I must not have realised how ~teenage~ a lot of the humour was because, er, I was a teenager at the time!
Edible things...
  • Chris and I went to the Woking Food & Drink Festival and I got to have a delicious Vietnamese noodle dish and some kick ass churros.  We also bought an amazing strawberry gin cordial (yes a cordial made of gin that tastes like strawberries, I know) and three incredible chutneys.
  • I made pumpkin spiced cinnamon buns!  They were delicious but need a bit of tweaking before I share the recipe.  Plus I burned the tops of them so they weren't exactly photo-worthy...
  • Baked some tasty ginger shortbreads with a spiced ginger fudge topping too.
  • Tried out a recipe for Indian spiced chickpea and carrot burgers that were delicious (inspired by this recipe, although I didn't follow it).  I definitely need to start experimenting with more burgers like those, it was a nice change and there's so many different options.
Worth a read or watch...

Now that September is over and done with, I have a few things planned for next month that I'm hoping will be enjoyable for you guys, so roll on autumn!

Are you as psyched as I am for October?

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