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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We just finished moving house, and with moving home comes the perils of sorting out your internet.  Unfortunately, we're going to be internetless until the 28th September when Sky decide to pull their finger out and switch on our already set up broadband (why this takes over a month is beyond me), so I won't be posting quite as regularly as usual.

I'd started a good rhythm of posting every Wednesday and then either Saturday or Sunday, but for the rest of September I'll only be posting once a week every Wednesday.  Since I only have wifi at work and can't sort out photos or transfer posts at work, I'm going to have to rely on publishing posts I've already prepared.  I'll still be around a bit on social media during weekday days, and once we get internet again, I'll be posting as normal again too.

I hope you enjoy the reviews I have prepared in the mean time, September is already shaping up to be an exciting month and I've already got some stuff I'm looking forward to sharing with you later!

UPDATE 03/09 - Typically a day after posting this, we've acquired some unexpected temporary internet!  Oops.  I'll tentatively continue with my usual schedule, hopefully all is well for now!

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