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Sunday, 2 August 2015

I fell in love with PHB Ethical Beauty's products the year before last and had made a couple of orders since then, but when we entered money-saving mode I kept holding off on buying anything else from them because it's not exactly the cheapest.  As luck would have it, after months of waiting and avoiding restocking long finished products, my birthday came and went and as soon as I received some birthday money, PHB Beauty started offering discounts and some of their old stock was heavily reduced - hell yeah!

For those who aren't familiar with the brand, PHB are a natural and ethical company that offer skincare, haircare and cosmetics that are all cruelty free, vegan, halal, paraben free and handmade in the UK.  I've been really impressed with all of the skincare items I've tried from them, and their mascara is hands down the best natural mascara I've used to date and is one of my staples.  They've recently released some new repackaged versions of their products (which are sadly slightly more expensive, wah!) and have been selling some of the old-style products at heavily discounted prices, which on top of the discount codes I got my hands on made for some major savings.

I won't go into a full review of all of these just yet, but I did want to share what I bought with you since I love the brand and others might want to take advantage of their sale!

The Gentle Facial Tonic with Organic Rose is one that I've used before and decided to repurchase.  The website explains that it's alcohol and oil free, helps to restore your skin's natural pH, calms redness and improves skin tone and purifies and refines skin.  The one I just bought is in their new packaging and is £12.95, but the old one I had lasted ages and assuming this one is still otherwise the same, it's great for sensitive or temperamental skin.  When I used it previously I used it both in the morning and evening and the results were great.

PHB's serums are what I adored the most when I first tried them out and they really turned me on to the idea of serums in general in my skincare routine.  The Brightening Gel Serum with Organic White Birch & Frankincense is one I haven't tried before, but I have used their eye serum in the same range and I really liked it.  This one is supposed to improve skin's radiance and overall complexion, encourages collagen and elastin for more youthful skin, and prevents and reduces dark spots and discolouration.  Having tried another serum from PHB before, I can say that they're very fast absorbing and feel weightless but very nourishing - back when I used one previously I usually didn't need to bother with moisturiser over the top of it, especially during warmer months.  This serum is one of their old versions and is still available and on sale for £9.95.

The next product is one from their cleanser range, which I haven't tried yet.  Pictured is the Brightening Facial Cleanser with Organic Mandarin & Papaya, but it looks like they've since sold out and stopped stocking this older version.  The new one seems to be a slightly different formula with Ylang Ylang & Papaya and costs £15.95.  I've tried their Brightening Face Wash before but it was during my skin's tumultuous months so I'm not sure if it didn't agree with my skin or if my skin was just going nuts, so I want to re-try it soon.  I'm also excited to try this cleanser though, which according to their website is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins and should help promote brighter, more youthful skin.

I was lucky enough to get the Hydrating Facial Tonic with Ylang Ylang Floral Water as a freebie with my order for making my purchase when I did, which I'm really pleased with because I think it'll be great for my skin when the seasons start to change - my skin goes haywire and super dry when the weather transitions from warm to cool and vice versa!  This one is described as (as well as being alcohol and oil free and maintaining skin's pH balance) reducing the appearance of dryness and broken capillaries, soothing dry, tight skin and maintaining skin elasticity and hydration.  It can also be used throughout the day to give your skin a quick refresh.  This is one of their old products and is still available on sale for £7.50.

The Anti-Aging Gel Serum with Organic Rose & Seabuckthorn was the first face serum I tried and is what started my love of PHB's products.  It's so light-weight and feels gentle, nourishing and luxurious.  I'm only 24 so I can't quite vouch for its anti-aging properties just yet, but either way it definitely felt like a treat for my skin and I loved using it.  Pictured is the old packaging that I bought previously, and although this version is now sold out it's still available in a nice new box for £19.95.

Finally, after how impressed I was with their all-over anti-aging gel serum, I thought I'd give the Anti-Aging Eye Gel with Organic Argan & Rock Rose a try.  This is described as a firming eye treatment that's soothing, skin restoring and targets signs of aging to refresh and revitalise eyes, and costs £16.95.  Looking at the barely visible fine lines that are starting to form around my eyes, I'm hoping this does what it says on the tin!  I'm currently using another anti-aging eye gel by PHB, their Elixir of Youth Firming Eye Treatment with Organic Aloe & Strawberry that I really enjoy (particularly in summer, putting a nice, cooling gel on my eyes every morning is lovely!) but they don't seem to sell this product any more.

PHB are kind enough to include two free samples with all of their orders too, and the ones I received are little sachets of their Brightening and Anti-Aging Moisturisers.  I'm looking forward to testing these out too since I haven't tried any of their moisturisers yet.

And that's everything from my recent order!  As I write this, I'm tempted to make another order of some of their serums while they're still on sale...  In the mean time, I'll be sure to include full reviews of everything once I've tested them out.

Have you tried any of PHB Ethical Beauty's products?


  1. I just got their mascara recently and I am loving it! I also got their lavender moisturiser which smells lovely :) Very impressed with the brand!

    1. I was so thrilled when I tried their mascara, I feel like a lot of natural mascaras kind of miss the mark in some way or another but PHB's is amazing! Will have to try that moisturiser, I love the smell of lavender!

  2. I've never heard of PHB before but I love finding new cruelty free brands! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews, hopefully I'll find something I can try out myself (the Hydrating Facial Tonic sounds so good) xx


    1. I can't even remember how I stumbled across them but I'm glad I did now, can definitely recommend the products I've already tried at least. I've got a review of the two serums I tried before on my old blog here if you're interested:

  3. Ahhhhh love this review and love your blawwwg!


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