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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We've been watching our spending ever since moving down south, so there's been plenty of things I wish I could buy that I just haven't.  Here are a few bits and pieces I've had my eye on this July!

1. What a boring top to have on a wishlist, am I right?  Still, I have been in serious need of more basic t-shirts and sleeveless tops and last year I bought a couple of skinny fit Topshop ones, and I'm smitten and seriously in need of some more.  They're nice and soft and breathable, and most importantly they're not totally skin tight nor do they come down past my hips, both of which qualities for some reason are super hard to find in stores' basics ranges.

2.  Another item on my list of things to buy in the next few months are some new jeans; more specifically, I want some ripped jeans.  These grey skinny jeans with ripped knees caught my eye on New Look's website.  I've never really owned a pair of grey jeans like these before and I think I'd get a lot of wear out of them since the nearer my clothes are to grey-scale, the more I tend to wear them.

3.  Is it just me or would this stormtrooper case from Debenhams make the world's coolest storage for my make-up?

4.  My hair has been bugging me lately (I really need to get it cut) and I've been really liking how these kinds of head wraps look.  It's a little bit too warm to deal with wearing anything like this on my head right now but I've got my eye on this lace one from Beau XOXO for when the weather starts to cool down.

5.  I've been pretty obsessed with cooking with Indian-inspired flavours and ingredients lately and this cookbook by Kaushy Patel has me intrigued.  The author is part of the family who runs Prashad, a restaurant that came runner-up in Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant TV show, and the preview of the recipes is pretty damn mouthwatering and doesn't look as horribly complicated as some recipe books can be.

6.  New Look's sock game is pretty strong this year, take a look at these mermaid socks.

7.  There are many things on Shop Dixi that I would be dying to have, but this little necklace is just gorgeous.  I really want to get more simple pieces that would be good for layering or wearing alone, and I think it just strikes the perfect balance between edgy, ornate and minimalist.

8.  As soon as I saw that theBalm was releasing some liquid lipsticks, I nearly had a heart attack.  It kills me that they still don't seem to be available in the UK yet and I don't really want to pay a ridiculous shipping fee and probably customs fees on top of it - argh!  I basically want all of them, but at the moment I've been lusting after the shade Loyal in particular.

What purchases have you been craving this month?

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