Day in Photos: Quiet Sunday

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I thought I'd do another day in photos - I'll probably start doing these once or twice a month, although I'll have to try to plan them on days when I actually do something interesting.  (Un?)Fortunately, I'm a bit of a homebody and don't get out much, and there's only so many photos of my flat and food I can take.

Starting the day with a nice cup of tea in my favourite mug and a few episodes of Modern Family.  We were out of dairy milk so I tried soya milk again for a change and it didn't work out too bad.  Tea and coffee are now the only reason I ever consume dairy milk, and that's purely because I just haven't found a great alternative to it that suits my palette yet.  

View from my sofa of my little Jiji plush toy from Japan and the rather nice d├ęcor that came with the house.

This peanut butter though.  We finally tried Meridian peanut butter because it was on offer for an amazing 99p on our last Tesco shop, and wow.  It really irritates me that anyone would even think to add anything else to peanut butter when it tastes freaking fantastic with 100% peanuts.

Time to get dressed for the day.  It's only been in the past couple of months that I've started to actually see changes in my body from going to the gym and eating better; six months ago there was at the very least an extra inch of chub on my belly.  I'm not really sure how I feel about that yet though.  Honestly, with all of the healthy eating, working out and being more critical of the food I eat, it's been a quite a lot more difficult for me to maintain a body positive attitude, but that's something I'm planning a different post for.  (Also, VPL much? Ha.)

Off for my driving lesson wearing my spicy ramen socks.  I've been learning to drive for absolutely ages since I can only do one lesson per week because of work, and my practical test is booked for the start of August.  Having that weight off my shoulders and not having to spend 3 hours of my day commuting there and back by train and walking is going to give me (what feels at least) a huge chunk of my life back.

Recently with all of the hot weather and my general fatigue from work and and my journey to work and my general inability to sleep through the night, I've stopped bothering to wear much make-up.  Lately it's either all or next to nothing, and most days I only wear 3 products - brow pomade, brow gel and mascara.  My skin has been looking lovely though, which is a huge relief considering it's spent the past several months freaking out and making me feel awful about my face.

Lunch time of some leftover chickpea and tomato stew from the night before, followed by some slices of tasty honeydew melon.

I didn't have a whole lot I needed to do and Chris wasn't around to amuse me, so I figured I'd be super glamorous and have and early bath, put on a face mask and shave my legs.  Living the dream.

Made the bed and did some tidying.  I am still totally in love with this bedspread and thrilled that my cute octopus cushion matches it.

Dinner prep for a curry using a new type of lentils I was trying out.  

You can't cook dinner during the weekend without a drink, am I right?

I ate alone since Chris wasn't back from his trip yet - it turned out pretty well!  The recipe didn't call for the aubergine, but I love how aubergine just absorbs whatever other flavours are in a dish.  The split black lentils were also really nice; it's been great discovering the different textures lentils can have.  Honestly, I was getting pretty tired of my red lentils always turning to mush.  These and the mung bean/moong dal I've used in other recent curry adventures are much firmer.

Time to get ready for bed!  Don't worry, my manta ray and company don't really sleep on the floor...

And after Chris came back, we finished the day off watching Rick Stein's Spain on BBC iPlayer.  Gotta love living with a fellow foodie.

Hope you had a beautiful day and a peaceful night,


  1. Nice photos :) have you tried Oatly oat milk yet? It's my favourite dairy alternative as it's very mild in flavour and mixes really well in coffee.

    1. Thanks! :) I haven't tried it yet, but I keep seeing it in shops and have been intrigued and have heard the same about it mixing better! I am slowly getting a nice long list of milk suggestions to work my way through, haha.


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