a night in york

Friday, 25 April 2014

Chris's course has been incredibly gruelling and despite living together, there have been periods where we haven't seen much of each other.  His parents felt for us and very generously gave Chris a little money towards going away for a couple of days, and we happened to find a good deal on Groupon for a night's stay in York and finally snapped up the opportunity this week.

We left early on Tuesday morning and made the most of the day with a wander around the city and a visit to the cathedral.  It wasn't super busy, but it's definitely one of the few British cities (apart from London) where you can feel a very heavy tourist presence.  It's not surprising either, it's beautiful there!  If you're not from the UK and want to visit a very historical and picturesque English city, I'd definitely recommend hitting up York.  The museum gardens are filled with ruins of stone churches and there are so many gorgeous old buildings and little cobbled streets.

My favourite part was, of course, the food.  We were spoiled for choice as far as picking places to eat went.  For dinner we went to The Whippet Inn which was to our surprise pretty damn fancy but practically just posh pub prices; I had dressed crab followed by a blue cheese and sweet potato pie, Chris had crispy squid salad followed by sea bass.  The dessert I had was also incredibly - grilled fruit with a rum glaze topped with ice cream.  The next day we also went back to one of the pubs we stopped in earlier to try their food after being enamoured with the menu when we were having a drink.  The House of Trembling Madness is a really little place above an ale shop, but the atmosphere is great and damn if the food isn't great too.  They do a selection of different platters for £9 - mine had a variety of cured meats including goose, duck, seranno ham, venison and wild boar along with home made bread, a great salad and some pickles.

It was a great chance to get away and it collectively didn't really cost us that much.  I think we both just needed a break from Leeds and our flat, if only for a couple of days.

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