Knee deep in water.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This is another belated post, but due to anticipating not having much to write about over the past few weeks (due to revision for exams, and playing Skyrim to procrastinate doing revision for exams) I decided to save it.

Anyone from the UK will probably be familiar with the bout of awful weather we had not long ago and the flooding it caused, and anyone who isn't, well, it rained a lot.  Contrary to popular belief, the UK isn't normally as bleak and rainy as people imagine (depending on where you live, anyway), but this winter it rained, and it rained like hell.  Even after crossing the country on the way home, I barely saw sun for two or three weeks.  You learn to expect constant grey weather in Manchester, but it's rare that spells of miserable weather last that long in Norwich!

A short walk away from my house at home is a field and some marshland.  On Boxing Day, one of the first sunny days in who knows how long, my mum and I wanted to make the most of it and go for a walk, and figured that the fields would be boggy but still accessible through some raised walkways.  Oh, how wrong we were!  As it turns out, those fields became a temporary lake - probably because the nearby river burst its banks - that was likely between knee and waist level in certain areas.  A couple of days later, despite more rain, it apparently all disappeared!

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