And so begins November.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I haven't really had a great deal to blog about lately thanks to a combination of my life just being generally uninteresting and the added pressure of the work I've been having to do lately.  As fellow UK students will know, final year of uni usually means writing a dissertation, and I've been trying to cram as much reading in as possible for my literary review, which is due Friday!  

Even with all of the madness of trying to rush all of my work, I managed to visit the boyfriend last weekend, and my house mates and I made it out for bonfire night last night.  There's something almost quintessentially British about standing around at night in the freezing cold and fog, feet squelching through mud, just to catch a glimpse of some fireworks for a few minutes.

The display was quite nice, despite it being over half an hour late to start.  Now that Guy Fawkes Night is out of the way (am I the only one who started to get incredibly irritated by people referencing it online all day despite neither being British nor knowing it actually is?), I can't wait for Christmas festivities to start.  It's not long now before the lights are turned on and the Christmas market opens, and I'm excited to be dazzled by more flashing lights and stuff myself full of Christmas treats.  Missing Christmas because of my year abroad last year has really made me appreciate the holidays all the more!

Did you do anything special for bonfire night?

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