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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

 Predictably, the weather here has been mostly awful with the occasional sunny spell (although usually only when I don't have to leave the house).  To be honest though, I don't think it would really feel like autumn if it wasn't a little bit miserable and the smell of the air didn't keep alternating between that lovely autumnal crispness and the stink of wet leaves.

Because of the weather and our house's unfortunate lack of a dryer, meaning that what knitwear I do have takes a long time to dry, I decided to invest in some more layerable jumpers (also I just wanted more knit jumpers...).  All of them are from New Look and have yet to arrive, but I am very excited to have some new additions to my wardrobe.  I also bought a knit snood, since for some silly reason I only thought to bring one of my winter scarves up with me.

£12.99, £17.99, £29.99 and £7.99 respectively.

I'm hoping that they'll arrive before I leave to visit Chris for the weekend, but knowing my luck they'll be delivered on the Saturday when no one will be in.  Oh well!

This Monday marked the premier of the season three of The Walking Dead (it aired at 2am my time, and I couldn't watch it until after classes) and I am very, very excited for the rest of the season.  As my username and choice of Halloween attire probably suggest, I freaking love zombie things and TWD is wonderful in both television and comic format, although I'm sadly on one volume into the comic so far.  

The first episode was a little bit slow-paced at the start but did a good job of setting the scene and made the survivors' growing desperation pretty clear.  I already can't wait to see what's going to happen with Michonne and Andrea, Laurie and her pregnancy and problems with Rick and Carl (who is also turning into quite the little bamf), Daryl and Carol's still budding relationship and, of course, the prison.  

It's strange to see a different opening sequence after so long, but man, I can't wait until next Monday!  This is only getting even more psyched to dress up for Halloween.

And, because I finally managed to get an okay photo of one of the other cats from our street, here are the obligatory neighbourhood cat photos.

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