Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I ordered some proper theatre make-up a few days ago to use for my Halloween costume (zombie, naturally) and was really excited to test it out, and here's the result:

I am so psyched!  I can't wait to be all gross and decaying.

Apart from fiddling with make-up and liquid latex, I haven't really been doing a whole lot worth talking about lately, so here are some miscellaneous photos of our garden.


  1. Wow! That wound looks fantastic! I was thinking about dressing up as a zombie for Halloween too. Ah, I love zombies! :P Do you watch the Walking Dead?

    - Sasha

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, I'm a pretty big fan of the t.v. series and started reading the comics a while back too. The newest season is amazing so far!

  2. Before I read the accompanying text, I seriously thought that was a real wound! Amazing.


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