Halloween Festivities

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I am a huge fan of Halloween, but even at university it just isn't as big a deal in the UK as it is in America and I think that's just a shame!  I wish we had all of the hype around it, all of the Halloween themed goodies, haunted houses, proper parties and so on.  It's a silly holiday, but when else can you dress up like a monster and gorge yourself on sweets and pumpkin flavoured things while it still being socially acceptable?

Speaking of dressing up like a monster... I finally got to use my zombie make-up, once for a Halloween party and again for a local zombie walk this weekend!  The walk was great - many more zombies than I had expected to turn up - but sadly the weather could've been a little less damp.  In any case, it was just nice to be a part of a zombie walk after wanting to do one ever since I found out they existed years ago!

I managed to create a pretty nasty looking bite mark on my hand, but it wasn't really perfect.  I didn't have enough of a variety of reds or a flesh-coloured foundation I couldn't really get it as good as it could've been, but I suppose given what I had to work with, it's not bad!

 I'm pretty happy with how the make-up turned out on the whole, but I'm a perfectionist and would've preferred it if I had the money to have bought more shades and been able to use more make-up.  I didn't particularly like how it was pretty obvious where the latex started and finished under the make-up and I would've liked some more different kinds of fake blood and dirt and stuff.  Oh well!

One of my house mates also carved this rather fantastic little pumpkin, who also has the skeleton of an umbrella to accompany it so it looks a little bit like it's been struck by lightning.

I hope everyone has a lovely, treat-filled Halloween!

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