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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rather than doing the work that I should be doing, I thought I'd procrastinate and finally write a blog post about my new house!  I moved in last Sunday prior to fresher's week here, and am all settled and saw off Chris (who'd helped me move in and stayed with me for a while) earlier today.  All in all, the house is fantastic and clean and so are my new house mates (hello Kat :P)!  I hadn't seen it at all before I moved in so to find it well above the usual standard of student houses and almost fully furnished was amazing.  

We even have a small garden and a washing line!  Not that the washing line is really of much use in Manchester, were it's been consistently grey and miserable since I got here.

My room took quite a lot of time decorating mostly because of the sheer amount of photos I wanted to put on my walls, but also because I didn't have as much storage space as I was expecting and had to buy a couple of things from Ikea to make sure my things were all nice and tidy.  Now that it's finished though, I'm more than happy with it.  It's nice and open and bright, and now that it has stuff on the walls it feels lovely and open, too.  See the end of the post for photospam of my room and little things in it.

Tomorrow is the first official day of the semester, and myself and the other Japanese studies students unfortunately get to go back to a small series of tests and presentations.  Our department has been horrendous this year for some reason, neglecting to tell us dates and times and rooms and even neglecting to email myself and other students about the dissertation presentation we have to give on Tuesday until yesterday or the day before.  Ugh!

As well as that, we have a speaking exam (which we didn't know we were going to have) and a written exam to assess our Japanese levels.  I'm a little bit nervous about these now, since my level of Japanese has never been that great and after a couple of months of absolutely no practice, I'm not feeling at all confident.  Because I failed the JLPT, I have to pass these tests or I'll have failed my year abroad and have to take other classes to make up for it.  Not really an ideal situation, what with having to worry about my dissertation.

So far, I know that this semester I'm going to be taking four hours of Japanese Language, plus a choice between Translation and Business Japanese (I'm definitely going for translation), and then another hour and a half of Advanced Readings in Japanese.  This semester, I'm also taking Japanese Theatre and Historical Perspectives, which at first I had no interest in, but after reading the course outline and finding out that I love the teacher who's teaching it, I changed my mind.

Anywho, that's everything going on with me right now, onto the photos of my bedroom:

My hippy corner, with incense, crystals and essential oils and burner.

Photos taken since I got home. 
My desk and photos of the boyfriend, various besties and my cat.

One of three glow in the dark kodama from Princess Mononoke, and my ladybird.

Brought my orchid and its Totoro.

Mascots Mayumaro from the Kyoto Culture Festival, and Wenlock from the London Olympics.

Photos from Japan and Thailand.

More photos of friends and adventures in Japan and Thailand.

Jiji, General Grievouses and a spontaneously purchased mason jar that I don't know what to do with.

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