September Wishlist #1

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Autumn and winter are by far my favourite times to shop because I pretty much live in boots and big, baggy jumpers.  On top of that, a lot of trends around right now - like 90s grunge and the skull stuff everywhere - are things that I really, really like.  Typically, I have very little money and a lot of things I want, but I can dream.

So, here's my first wishlist for autumn!

Miss Real Green Military Jacket - £29.99 from New Look
I love the military look and I just love the colour and shape of this.  Whether or not it'd actually look good on my body type is another thing entirely, but I can dream.  It just looks so wonderfully badass.

Silver Skull Cross Ear Cuff - £2.99 from New Look
I've always loved ear cuffs but never actually worn one, and I love those little skulls in particular that are floating around all over the place.  I have a bracelet made using the same type of skull, and I think they're adorable.  The darker, gunmetal silver is also a plus.

Miso Large Bug Ring - £5.00 from Republic
I don't normally like a lot of Republic's accessories, but this ring is just too cool and is actually silver rather than gold (unlike most of their other stuff).  There are a lot of bug-themed accessories around now too, and I love them all.

Dr Martens Triumph 1914 W Boot (Colour: Black; Material: Mirage) - £150.00 from Dr. Martens 
I have a pair of DMs and even though I still haven't properly worn them in, I just love them to pieces and I've been eyeing up this other pair for sooo long, but they're so expensive.  They look nice and rugged and I love the plaid, but they still look nice and feminine thanks to the ribbon lace.  I'm not a brand person in the slightest, but I love everything about basically all Dr Martens.

Dr Martens Castel Boot (Colour: Grey Demin; Material: Victorian Flowers) - £70.00 SALE from Dr. Martens
More DMs!  I've been wanting a pair of floral patterned ones forever and these are my definite favourites.  I'm so tempted to get them now that they're on sale too.

Essie Nail Colour in 83 Mink Muffs - £7.99 from Boots
I recently bought an Essie nail polish and I'm in love with the colours they come in.  This one is next on my list of shades to buy, but I just find it so difficult to spend nearly £8 on a nail polish (my other favourite brand, Rimmel Lycra Pro, is nearly half the price).

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