Monday, 27 August 2012

Back when I was still in Japan, Chris stumbled across a Groupon deal for a short break in the coastal Yorkshire town of Bridlington and we decided we'd quite like to go.  Several months later, we finally went last week as part of my belated birthday celebrations.

We stayed in a B&B by the seaside that (as part of the voucher) gave us champagne, strawberries and a bouquet on arrival, and we spent a couple of days wandering around, going for walks, and eating out at two really nice restaurants.  One involved an amazing seafood platter and the best (posh) fish and chips I've ever eaten, and the other some really great Thai food.  At the Thai restaurant, they had a little menu for some special green teas that had flowers in them, and we decided to get a couple since they weren't overwhelmingly expensive, and they are really freaking cool.  The company is called Flora Tea and has apparently won a few awards, with good reason.  The tea was tasty as hell (mine was jasmine) and the visual show of the little bulbs unfurling into flowers was great.

Bridlington itself is a pretty classic English seaside town as far as being both lovely and totally naff goes, but we found it really weird that the entire town seemed to die out once the clocks struck about 7pm.  Almost everywhere closes and the streets empty as soon as it hits the late evening, and we were some of the only people walking around after eating at about 8:30 to 9ish.  I suppose it's because most of the visitors tend to be day-trippers, but even for someone who comes from a city where practically everything closes early like myself, it was a ghost town after dark! 

The weather wasn't the best - either windy, cloudy or, on the final day, rainy - but we made the most of it and went for a long walk near Thornwick Bay.  Mostly, it was just great to spend some quality time alone with Chris without the hassle of having his parents or my mum around all of the time.  Not that I dislike his parents (they're great!) or anything but there's almost always someone else at his house, and lord knows my mum never leaves to do anything other than go to work, but it just being us for a few days was a real treat.  As awful as our living situation was in our second year of university (where we shared a crap shack with some mutual friends, some of whom took it upon themselves to make the place as disgusting and unlivable as possible on top of the efforts of our terrible landlord) I miss being able to spend as much time together as we did without parents hanging around.

At least I'm moving into my next student house in a few weeks!  Shame I don't know how I'm going to get there, yet.


  1. beautiful pictures *_* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? keep in touch!


  2. The green tea with flowers looks amazing, I drink a lot f green tea so this makes it much more exciting!


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