A slow but satisfying summer.

Friday, 17 August 2012

On Sunday it will be a month since I returned home from Japan, and I've been the happiest I've been in a very long time despite not doing anything particularly interesting.

Followers of my other blog will know that I'm in a relationship (of over two and a half years now, yeesh!) with a handsome devil I met at university who lives in another city and has since graduated, so highlights of the past month have been visits to see him, plus trips into town to see friends.  I've also been having a lot of fun playing around with my new camera, which I still haven't quite figured out yet, but oh well.

Things here are, in general, pretty quiet.  Over the past few years I've made and lost a lot of friends, so when it comes to my home town, I can count the number of people who I regularly see and whose company I enjoy on one hand, so I don't get out a whole lot.  Still being a student, I live on-and-off with my mum, and although I do love her I'm itching to move out.  Even when I feel a little unsettled visiting the boyfriend (what with living out of a weekend bag and all) I still feel more comfortable there than I do here.  Aside from family, I don't feel like there's a whole lot left for me here and I'm almost certain that I'll move somewhere else once I graduate, especially considering that there's probably close to zero good job opportunities for me in such a small city.  

Mostly, I just want my own bloody home to decorate and do whatever I want with.  Moving into my next student house next month will be a welcome change and it'll be amazing to be living with people who are both tidy and considerate having spent the past couple of years struggling to cope with living under the same roofs as the biggest asshats known to man.

My impending graduation makes me both excited and terrified, since although I'm thrilled to almost be done with education and a degree that I no longer feel I have a future with, the future is really freaking uncertain, especially with graduates all over the country struggling to find jobs no matter what their qualifications.  Naturally, I'm starting to think about careers, and feel I've settled on a possible career path of joining the police force.  Will I stick to that?  Would I even pass all of the assessments?  Who knows, we'll find out this time next year.  I should probably be focusing more on the fact that I might have to sit another language test next month (assuming I didn't pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Kyoto), but actually figuring out what I do want to do with my life and how seems like more of a pressing concern to me.

This has been a painfully boring post but I haven't written one in ages and this blog just seemed so sad and lonely.  To make up for it, here's a selection of photos I've taken since I arrived:

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